Our monthly utility bills are usually consistent. Even our phone bills could be controlled since most of the phone companies offer flat rates even for long distance calls. We can easily create a budget for your utility bills and pay them monthly. On the other hand, our grocery shopping is not as consistent that you think. You might have a budget but if you are not able to control the spending, you’ll be spending more than what you think. If you won’t start saving some money on grocery, you’ll end up using your credit card or check too much and slowly the credit card bills will start piling up. You have to come up with ideas to start on saving groceries before it is too late for your finances.

While you’re thinking of ways to save on grocery shopping, let me start you off with a few ideas that you can use right away.

Bulk Shopping – the idea might have been pitched to you more than a thousands times. If you get more from one place at one time, you’ll save more. But even though they are cheap when you consider them per piece, you still have to blow your budget for other things. So here is an alternative – find a neighbor that will go shopping with you to buy things in bulk and split them in half when you reach home. You don’t have to spend too much and you get things in bulk prices.

Coupons – don’t just collect what you see on the newspapers; look for coupon codes online as well. The best thing about it is that there are a lot of websites dedicated to all the coupons that you can find online. When you shop for information, you should be able to compare great prices in you local store and in online.

Shop Online – shopping online is a great idea especially when you’re very familiar with the prices in your supermarket. There are thousands of websites online that sells products in bulk and sometimes with ridiculous discounts. You have to make sure that the price you have to pay though for shipping should be greatly considered. eBay is a good place to find great discounts while you’re being assured of your safety. There are fly by night websites that offer great discounts but close down after they receive your money or they don’t respond even to numerous emails you send.

Freeze your milk – this is probable one of the smartest yet simplest trick you can do to save money. You can buy as much milk as you can and freeze them for future use. Just remember to remove a little bit milk before you freeze them since they might explode. The life span of your milk is extended a lot of times. Freezing your milk for at least 24 hours will also kill germs.

Plan your meals – don’t just settle for a weekly meal plan. Plan ahead for one month so that you can list all the things that you have to buy. Because your meals are planned, you know exactly how much you have to spend and even adjust some things so that everything will fit in your budget.

Use shopper’s card – the best thing about grocery shopping is that grocery stores value loyalty a lot from their customers. Shopping cards usually don’t require you to pay for anything and you can use the points and after a few shopping in the same grocery store, you’ll earn rebates and discounts for the things that you want to purchase the next time.