A “regular” wedding today will cost the future couple at least $20,000. That’s a huge amount of money to spend for a day of celebration which is why few people opted not to tie the knot even when they have the chance to. But weddings don’t have to be very expensive. You just need to be very creative not to mention innovative for your wedding. Here are some of the money saving ideas that you can use for your wedding. It will save you money and it might be even better than the conventional equipments and supplies used in the wedding.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress will definitely eat a lot of your budget if you go for a brand new dress. But you’ll be using them once so why spend thousands of dollars? A good idea is to buy a used wedding dress. They were only used once and still look great on anyone with only a small percentage of the original price. Another alternative is not to look for a wedding gown itself. Don’t shop in the gown section but instead look for dresses that will look great on you. If you ask me wedding gowns are expensive because they are tagged as a wedding gown. So look around for better savings.


A hotel reception with an all-inclusive package sounds great but expensive. A good alternative for a wedding reception is of course, your friends place. You can still pay them but with a fraction of a price compared to a hotel. If you’re with a local church, talk to the minister as they could provide you with a wedding reception area.


With some of today’s most advanced digital cameras and video cameras could be bought cheap in any mall and stores, most of us have one now. Who needs a professional photographer when you have more than five of your friends taking pictures at any given moment? You don’t even have to think about the quality of the pictures as most cameras today are smart enough to adjust to their surroundings.


There are three money saving options for wedding invitations. Instead of an expensive wedding invitation you can:

1) print them at home - there are thousands of templates online to choose from that will look great in a good wedding invitation paper;

2) Write! – If you don’t have that many guests to invite and your handwriting looks good, why not write them? It’s personalized and will only require you a good pen and paper.

3) Send an e-vite – this one is the ultimate money saving idea. You don’t have to buy or write anything at all. An e-mail with all the details (with a good background of course) will never cost you anything.


As much as possible, do not get wed on a February. Since it’s the month for Valentine’s Day, the flowers are not just expensive, they are exorbitantly expensive. Always go for flowers that are in season since they are usually the cheapest since they are very common during that season. You can also go for silk (not live) flowers. They will never wither and will great in any season.


Forget the limo. If you or one of your friends has a good looking car, you can always use them. Some are even adventurous enough to get a sports car for the transportation of their bride.


Same thing as the limo. If you have friends who know how to bake, you can ask them for a favor to make a cake for you.

Remember that everything has a cheaper and even better alternative to the traditional way of getting wed right now.