If you really want to save money, you have to cut costs in any means possible and that means cutting costs even in small things. You may value reducing the capacity of your air conditioning unit by two degrees but you do not value cutting on small supermarket items. If you want to save money, you have to save in every aspect of spending in your life.

Having said that, here are the small things that you could avoid using to save money:

1. Branded dishwashing liquid – Companies that sell dishwashing liquid scare you with the possible germs that you will get if you don’t clean you dishes well. Then they plug their product to be highly effective compared to other brands. Don’t be fooled with this technique.

All dishwashing liquids are the same. Off brand items will still work like the branded dishwashing liquid. If you really want to save money, here’s a simple trick: instead of using a dishwasher, wash the dishes by hand with laundry soap. The important part in cleaning the dishes is hot water and dry area. If you could place your dishes in hot water and keep it dry, you will still have clean tableware.

2. Candy Bag – These sugar treats for your kids could cost you if you buy in bags. This is one product that you could buy in smaller portions which will actually save you money. Buy a tub of gummies instead. They are still sweet, look better and cost less.

Candies have already commanded a good price and it will cost more. On the other hand, gummy worms cost less because they are not really that popular compared to candy bags.

3. One time use batteries – Even before the financial slump that everyone is experiencing, rechargeable batteries is already a smart investment. Each non-rechargeable battery will cost you 25 cents while the rechargeable battery will cost you a lot less. Some say that rechargeable batteries are too expensive but that is actually based on the fact that ROI is longer because you don’t use batteries too much.

If you are a parent of two kids who each have an electronic handheld device, rechargeable batteries is a gift from heaven. But even if you use your batteries once a week, you will eventually have to buy again.

4. Zip locks – Zip locks are way overrated. They promise that they could keep your food safe without any spill. That could still be possible with a cheaper plastic – you just have to learn how to pack your food correctly. If it’s a sandwich for lunch, you could save a lot by using simple plastic and wrapping them carefully.

For storing food, zip locks are there to preserve your ingredients longer but for how long? In a few days, you will use those ingredients which mean the effect of zip lock is really not there.

5. Small Bottled Water – Another overrated product. Because we are afraid to get sick, we buy the cleanest type of water we could get – bottled water. But before bottled waters, people have been drinking regular tap water and did not get sick.

If you really wanted to use bottled water, buy in bulk and use a glass to drink those “purified” waters. Each liter of bottled water will cost you $2.50 which could be no less than $10.00 a gallon. If you could forego using bottled water, you could be saving hundreds every month.

These are just small extra savings but could mean hundreds of dollars every year. Alternatives are always there if you really want to save money.