Moving to another property is time consuming and potentially expensive. The rentals you have to make and the preparations you have to do before moving to another property will never be easy.

But there are actually ways on how you can save some expenses on moving. All it requires to save some expenses on moving is being smart on who to work with and what you can do on your end to slash expenses.

Gather estimates – Before you agree to work with a mover, research on various companies based on their estimates. In a relatively large city, there should be a good number of moving companies you can get in touch with in order to have as much estimates as you can. Compare at least three moving companies before making a decision.

Take note of tax deduction – While you may not post any savings now, you can actually enjoy tax deductions when moving to a new property. Qualifying for a tax deductible move is usually true when you move to another property because of a new job, new business property or when your better half works in another country or was called for military service.

Sell unnecessary things at home – Reduce items to be moved by holding a garage sale. It could be difficult to part ways to some things at home, but it is necessary to sell some things that will never be useful on another area. On a positive note, the money you earn during the garage sale will be very helpful.

Seek help from new employers – More often than not, companies will extend a helping hand if they know that you’ll be transferring to another city just to work for them. Inform them on advance so that they can work with their preferred moving company or provide you with funds that could take care part of the moving expenses.

Rent the truck only – If you are moving with the whole family, it would be a money saving activity to pack and haul your things to the truck. Extra haulers and a driver is an added expense which could be prevented if you have the family to help you move things to the truck.

The nearest could be the cheapest – As much as possible, choose a company that’s closest to your home or closest to your new location. Distance is always a factor that will affect the cost of moving.

Ask for appliance services charge – Appliances can’t just be packed or hauled without protection and this could cost you. Ask the moving company how much they would charge on various appliances. It’s one of the unseen charges that you should be aware to avoid unseen expenses.

Options for special equipments – Boats, pianos, motorcycles or anything that requires special handling is a lot more expensive compared to appliances. Before agreeing to the charges, look for trailers that you can rent that might be more affordable or look for ways on how you can move them without the moving company.

Discounts on flexibility – Do not be insistent on the time that you should be picked up. Some companies may offer discounts if you allow them to arrive in the time frame they choose.

Avoid moving in peak seasons – The busiest time of the month for movers is June and July. Avoid moving during these months because they can easily charge an extra because of the demand. Best months to move to a new property with the help of movers is May or August as these months will not have a lot of rains and there is no demand for movers.