A birthday party for your kid is not a simple event to organize. From invitations to food, you need to prepare everything so that everyone will have fun when the day arrives. You have to make sure that not only will the kids have fun but the adults who arrive will also enjoy the celebration. But this celebration could often cost you considerably especially if you don’t monitor your spending.

But that doesn’t mean a fun birthday celebration is impossible to achieve. There are ways that you can prepare a great birthday party for your kid without having to spend thousands of dollars in the process.

1. The plan – and sticking to it.

The number one cause of overspending in kid’s birthday celebrations is when a birthday party is not planned well. A plan should be created at least a month before the celebration and they should be implemented without almost no exceptions.

2. Emphasis on activities

Birthday parties with clowns, magicians or animals are very costly. Instead of getting kids to watch these acts, think of some activities where everyone can join in. There are tons of activities you can have with your kids without having to spend too much.

3. Use your home

Renting a place for your kid’s birthday party could save you a lot in terms of cleaning up. But if you keep cost down, you don’t’ have to clean up too much. Use your backyard or your front lawn so that you don’t have to spend on rent.

4. “Party” at school

If your kid’s birthday falls into weekday with classes going on, surprise your kid by going to the school and bring pizza and soda for everyone. It’s a very simple celebration but a very special once since everyone is part of the party.

5. After lunch before dinner

The best time to host a birthday party is in the afternoon. You don’t have to spend too much on food. You can just have a cake, ice cream and some snacks for everyone to enjoy. A meal could be very messy because of the food and the utensils you have to prepare.

6. Limit goody bag content

Goody bags don’t have to be composed of candies, toys and other gifts. Choose a single toy or prize that represents the theme of the party. It might be a single toy but it will surely entertain the recipient because it is a reminder of a great party.

7. Simplify decoration

You don’t have to remodel your lawn or backyard just to have a great birthday party. Simplify your decoration by focusing on the tables. A great idea is to use a center piece that will become the theme of the party.

8. DIY on drinks

Avoid purchasing sodas for your kid’s birthday party. It might be dangerous for some of the guest’s health (parent’s advice). Concentrated juice from fruits should be more than enough to make everyone enjoy a refreshing drink. Just make sure it’s served cold.

9. Limiting guests

This is probably the trickiest part of saving. Your kid might insist on inviting some friends over. When this happens, establish the number of guests he or she can have. Give allowance or extension to the number of guests they can invite but not too much to avoid frustration.

10. Enjoy the celebration

This is not necessarily a money saving tip but it will help you be contented on what you did. By carefully preparing for your kid’s birthday party with money saving ideas, you’ll be able to host a great birthday party and actually enjoy it with your kid.