One of major effects of recession is the decreasing travelers for business and personal purposes. Because of the rising cost of fuel and fewer passengers, airlines have no choice but to increase their airfare in order to post some profit. Some are complaining to these changes but these are necessary for the industry to survive.

Besides, there are a few tricks that you can use to “outwit” airlines in terms of airfare. The following are money saving tips so that you won’t have to spend extra hundred dollars every time you fly.

Red-eye flights – this type of flights are your late night flights. These flights usually start at 10pm onwards allowing you to arrive to your preferred destination early in the morning. These flights are usually available in major airports. Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles are airports with red eye flights. It’s affordable simply because no one is interested in being part of a late night flight.

Book in advance – this tip is quite tricky. You should book in advance but you don’t have to book too advance just to get the savings you want. As much as possible book at least 60-45 days before travel date (for domestic flights) or 90 days for international travel.

Use discount offers – in any given moment, a website or an airline offers discounts for certain destinations. If you’re only traveling by air for a short vacation, use these offers to get the best rate possible. There are also discounts offered through AARP and even for the members of the armed forces.

Compare booking sites – instead of simply booking your next flight on the airline’s official website, compare their airfare with other travel websites. Travel websites will usually bring down their airfare hoping to attract more travelers to their websites. Oftentimes, travel websites even offer additional discounts when booking in package.

Book online – airline and travel websites can help you book your next itinerary over the phone but with an extra $5-$10 as a booking fee. Book the flight yourself to avoid these charges. Just make sure that you are entering the right information such as itinerary and the name of the passengers to avoid inconvenience.

Sacrifice with a few stops – a non-stop flight will naturally be a lot more expensive than a flight with two or three stops. If you’re not in a hurry, book a flight that has a stop or two so that you can slash the price of airfare considerably.

Midweek travel – weekend travel is usually a lot more expensive because of the demand for travel. However, Tuesdays to Thursdays are days that could help you slash the price of airfare. Be sure to research first because some weeks (Thanksgiving and Christmas) will still have the same airfare because of the demand.

Talk to your travel agent – while online booking can get you savings, travel agents still exists to get you the best rate possible. Just be aware that there are other offers that you can consider. This will help you negotiate the prices because they know you can get a better one anytime.

Use smaller airlines – every major airline controls a small airline company. Look for flights offered by these companies as they are usually more affordable as they are considered the low-cost alternative of the major airlines.

Use alternative airports – arriving in major airports is very convenient because of the availability of additional transportation. But an alternative airport might also offer the same convenience especially if your near the alternative airport. This is also recommended if you don’t want to arrive in a very busy airport.