Smart Saving

Importance of Frugality

We all wanted to save money. Even though the money we earn should be more than enough if we ever need anything, the thought of saving something in case of emergency will give us peace of mind since we have something to spend anytime.

Saving … Read the rest

Your Hobby Can Help You Save Money

If you want to save money, get a hobby. Some would say that a hobby could cost you since you need to have supplies for your hobby. That maybe true but considering the things you could do with your hobby.

You could find yourself saving … Read the rest

Block Buster FREE movies for 6 months

Have a new laptop? If it’s on the list at left and you bought it between July 15 and December 31, 2008, you’re only a couple of steps away from your free BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™ subscription.*

Just click on the "Check my laptop" button below. … Read the rest

Better Ways to Save Money

Opening a savings account and depositing money on it every now and then is a good way of saving money. However, opening up a savings account is almost the same as having a piggy bank in your house. It just stays there and you’ll always … Read the rest

Prime-Rate Funds as Investment

Investing in prime-rate funds is always recommended for those who are looking for additional source of income. This is a type of mutual fund that offers higher yield because it offers a very attractive interest rate. Prime-rate is often availed in banks but the yield … Read the rest

Stay Away from Unnecessary Insurance Policies

You may have encountered countless insurance agents as well as telemarketers trying to sell you insurance. Their intention, of course, is to earn commissions from that sale but that type of insurance could provide you just with the assistance you need. But most type of … Read the rest

Savings Posted by Hybrid Cars

One of the hottest cars today is the hybrid car. Although they are relatively small compared to most cars, they are able to provide just enough space for the whole family for lesser fuel consumption. Because it uses less fuel, there is a greater possibility … Read the rest

Smart Ways to Save on Your AC

Any air conditioning unit is a power hog. No matter what they say about air conditioners, it will still require more power compared to any other appliances in your home. That is why any idea that can cut the power consumption of your air conditioner … Read the rest

How Can Being a Couple Save You Money

You and your partner may have been staying under the same roof for more a year now but you are not legally bound yet. Although you are committed to stay with your partner until you get old, it just did not occur to you to … Read the rest

Want to Save on Vacation?

Travel during the Shoulder Season

When it comes to saving money on vacation, timing is everything. The thumb-rule  to saving money during vacation is that you should go to the places you prefer during off-peak season.  During the peak season, the prices of hotels and … Read the rest

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