There are really big investments such as putting up a business or being member of a highly expensive club to increase your network to important people. But there are also smaller investments that will cost almost nothing but will be a great money saving investments. These will not make you rich in one day but it will help you save money which could be used to pay for other bills.

Library Card 

Membership to a public library will give you access to thousands of literary masterpiece without paying a single cent. People often disregard the beauty of a library card because they don’t just have the time to be there. But think of the time you were in a mall spending money on something that you won’t even need.

Instead of being in a mall and spend a lot of money, go to a public library and enjoy reading. If you are not into reading, there are also other free things you could get from a library. Most libraries today have DVDs of classic movies. You could rent one without any fee.

Water Filter

Decent water filter will cost you around $60. Bottled water will cost you no less than $1.50. You think it’s a bit too expensive to invest in a water filter but considering the public obsession for clean water, you could actually save a lot of money. Every week you probably need six bottles of water which is $6.00.

That means you are spending $28.00 a month on bottled water. There are water filters that will only cost you less than $60.00 which means in two month’s time, you already reach your ROI. You won’t have to spend another cent in bottled water again.

A Good Cookbook

Dining out is really expensive and will easily take a hole in your budget. Instead of going out and destroy your budget with a single meal, stay at home and cook. A good cookbook will save you money since you are limiting yourself to what you could get.

But even with the limited spices and ingredients, a good cookbook will help you make a great meal for the whole family. It could even be healthy for the whole family. You could also get everyone to join in preparing the meal which will also save you time, money and improve your bond as a family.

Subscription to Sunday Newspaper

Sunday newspaper will give you all the news that you need for the week. It will have a recap of all the things that happened so you don’t have to buy a daily newspaper. But what you should be really after for in a Sunday newspaper are the coupons.

Almost a quarter of Sunday newspaper is dedicated to coupons and advertisement. This is a great investment because it will give you access to more savings and the news that you can get in just one sitting. Besides, it’s a good way to help the environment by reducing your use of paper.

Anything that you need (or even want) that will prevent you from spending – it could be an espresso machine or another coffee maker. Every cent and dollar that should be spent on buying a cup of espresso could be saved if you have your own espresso machine. Other things that you could use that will prevent you from spending should be a great investment. Even though the ROI (return of investment) could take months, it’s still worth it because you will be saving money at a certain time.