Collectibles such as stamps, cards of professional athletes and other items that increases in value overtime can be a great investment. It’s a very simple form of investment plan since it deals with simple buy and sell technique in order to earn.

Even though this form of investment is not like the complicated trade market, it’s still challenging. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending thousands of dollars with absolutely no profit in the future. It’s still a risky business but unlike trading in stocks, you can ensure that you’ll earn considerably when you follow these tips:

1. Be familiar with the market - like in any industry, knowledge is power. But collectibles is more than just knowledge, you have to be keen about the market. You have to know how to sell and shop for collectibles. It’s a relatively simple industry so it’s not difficult to know almost everything.

2. Find a niche - one of the best ways to earn from collectibles is to look for an item that didn’t have the same popularity as other collectibles. By creating a niche, you’ll be able to command a price and purchase collectibles early before the price goes up.

3. Be careful on purchasing from collectors - if your goal in collecting items is for investment purposes, be careful in purchasing items from collectors. They usually purchase the products from non-collectors and mark up the price to as much as 100% or even more if they detect if you like the item.

4. Haggle - if you have this skill, use it. Haggling will allow you to lower the price of the item you’re trying to purchase from another collector. Just be sure you’re conscious of the current buying price in the market so that you’ll post earnings even if you sell the items immediately.

5. Practice variety - never allow yourself to be dedicated to a single item. Although you’ll eventually still be able to sell your items, there are still possibilities that your items will never be sold with a mark-up. Some items may actually fluctuate in price overtime.

6. Don’t run after popular collectibles - as already indicated, a niche is a good way to establish your name in the industry. With that said, it’s also a bad idea to focus on very popular collectibles. You’ll be spending a lot of money without earning anything.

7. Develop a well trained eye - there are many scammers in the business of collectibles. There are always new techniques that are aimed in fooling collectors into buying what they think as authentic. Learn how to spot which items and counterfeit so that you’ll never be fooled to pay for something with absolutely no value.

8. Focus on collectibles you love - this type of investment program is aimed for those who loves to collect items as their prized possessions. As a collector, you should also show the same enthusiasm. If you love the things you sell, you’ll be able to easily convince your potential buyers.

9. Spend on storage - don’t think that this business sees a lot of actions everyday. It might take weeks or months before you item is purchased. If you’re an aggressive collector, you need to spend a little bit on storage in order to carefully preserve the items.

10. Find uninterested sellers - there are actually valuable items that are owned by persons who are uninterested with the item. Look for these people as they will more likely sell the item at a very low price. Check for local listings and online advertisements because someone will always sell something valuable at a very good price.