The investment industry is very volatile. One day, you could be a millionaire because of the upswing of your high risk investment but could be completely broke the next. This experience could happen to anyone, and if you are not prepared to adjust to the side effects of investment, you cannot last very long. The most successful investors are those who are able to ride the tides of challenges and were able to stay in the industry for a very long time.

Realizing the Obvious

Investors are usually gamblers who would rather place their bets on their dwindling stocks in the hopes of an upswing. There are also those who are bold enough to purchase cheap shares with the hopes that it will surge and will make them rich overnight.

This is a possibility but almost impossible as most shares that have a downturn trend will stay that way and rarely will it surge up. If you wanted to stay in the game for a very long time, you should look beyond “what could happen”. The “could” part is very cloudy as you don’t know what will happen. Investing is not about taking blind risk but taking calculated risk.

Keeping Calm

Success in investment could take years and it will reward anyone, those who wait and patient. There are those that are too eager to earn that any small decrease in the price of shares will get them panicking and will make them sell and look for other resources.

If you fear this type of movement; do not go for high risk shares and stick to assured profits in the long run. Small movements in the shares should never be frowned. Stay calm as the company will be able to survive as long as the movements are minimal.

Developing a Strategy

After years of investing, you should have a strategy for success. There are things that you know you should do when something is up. Stick to that practice as most of the time, you will be right. Being an investor for years just means that you have been working with the right strategy.

Your hunch should always be considered and your fact fetching “tricks” should be followed. If there is any indicators that will let you bypass those tricks, chances are you will have a hard time dealing with that investment plan. Things should just stay the way they should be as this has been your practice for years.

Outlook for the Future

Investing is not just getting as much yield as possible today but more importantly for tomorrow. Your earnings today will be nothing if you cannot keep it up and reach the future with nothing.

You should have a long term investment plan that is flexible enough to adapt to the changing conditions but have a basic principle that should be followed in any circumstances.

Any starting investor should have a long term plan as this will ensure their success. Treat it like a game plan which is very essential to win the game.


As the words of Benjamin Franklin, "’In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Taxes will always be there so do not go on an investment plan just to dodge a few taxes. Tax exemption is a good reason for an investment strategy but it should not be the sole reason.

Always aim to earn and not just to dodge taxes. You will just be frustrated with all the paper works for exemption and the confusion is just not worth it. Tax will always be a part of any investor since your taxes ensures the ease and security in investing.