Smart Investment

Investments in Collectibles

Collectibles such as stamps, cards of professional athletes and other items that increases in value overtime can be a great investment. It’s a very simple form of investment plan since it deals with simple buy and sell technique in order to earn.

Even though this … Read the rest

Gold Investments

Gold has been used for financial transactions for thousands of years. It’s one of the most expensive minerals in the world as it has been used to adorn kings, emperors and pharaohs. It is also one of the best investment options any investor could have.… Read the rest

Investment Industry Challenges

The investment industry is very volatile. One day, you could be a millionaire because of the upswing of your high risk investment but could be completely broke the next. This experience could happen to anyone, and if you are not prepared to adjust to the … Read the rest

Investment Risk Management

Financial stability and advancement can never happen overnight. Sure there are a few select people who won the lottery and became millionaires in one day, but the chances of you becoming one is very slim. You will always have a better chance of advancing in … Read the rest

Investment Guide for a fresher

This investment guide is based on investing via Mutual Fund – Tax Saving Policies. This is not an article which you would have read in a newspaper or some magazine.

Please NOTE: This article is based on Indian Context

TV and the exposure … Read the rest

Essential Strategies for Success ebook Download

The winner of the latest round of MSN Money’s Strategy Lab – Andrew Horowitz, posted a double-digit gain in a brutal market by sticking to a few basic rules for investing.

MSN Money is offering a free download of Andrew Horowitz book "The Disciplined Read the rest

Diversifying Your Mutual Funds

Diversifying in mutual funds is still a hot topic for debate for most investors. There are investors who prefer to stick with a single mutual fund since one mutual fund contains a number of investment programs. That means another mutual fund will exponentially increase the … Read the rest

Long Term Investment Mistakes

Investing for long term purposes is a must for everyone. Everything that you are working for today is always geared towards the security of the future. This is just natural since when we grow older, our physical ability to handle the demands of our job … Read the rest

Long Term and Short Term Investment

Investors would often make necessary sacrifices for long term purposes. A good gain in the end is better compared to short term gains with losses in the end. Investors would have to let go of some investments since they just cannot let go of something … Read the rest

Alternative Investment

Alternative Investment

Most of the investment plans that you go through with your financial manager are standard investment options. From the simple 401 (k) to shares and stocks, you will be able to invest in these investment plans and would have considerable success as long … Read the rest

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