An 800 or a toll free number is a very popular toll used by businesses of any size to attract more customers. A toll free number will allow customers to call the company without any charges in most phones. Customers can call even from a different state and they will never be charged for the phone call no matter how long the customers stayed on the call.

Even though a toll free number could give customers better customer access, this type of service could cause considerable damage for the business. Before you are enticed to seek out the use of toll free numbers, consider the following factors:

1. Extra funds for the services - the reason why customers are not paying for the toll free call is very simple: you get to pay for the call. Think of it as a collect call but you are giving all your customers a free hand when to call you.

2. Manpower for the phone service - large scale businesses usually outsource or set-up a huge call center department to answer the toll free number. Make sure to have a person dedicated to answering the phone so that you’ll never have disappointed customers.

3. Choose a smart toll free number - because of the advancement of technology, choosing a toll free number is relatively easy. Choose a phone number that will allow help the customers remember your services fast. With a smart phone number, you should be able to gain advantage of the toll free number.

4. Always shop for services - finding a company that will provide you with the service you need is very easy. There are small businesses in major cities that offers toll free services and the rates are actually competitive. Be sure to shop around to get the best rates.

5. Consider using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service – any major phone provide should give you a good toll free service but they are often expensive. Consider choosing a company that uses the internet for toll free services because they are usually more affordable.

6. Consider a personal toll free number - there are VOIP providers that can give you a personal toll free number. They are usually recommended for traveling professionals who can give their toll free number on their preferred clients. As long as the toll free number is available, you can use the number.

7. Check the charges on toll free services - since you’re paying for the phone call, you have to know how you will be charged. Most companies charge per minute and depend on where the call originated. If you think you’ll be receiving a lot of phone calls from the toll free number, it’s better to purchase minutes in bulk.

8. Know who will most likely call your business - there may be situations in your business that a toll free number is actually not that essential. If your customers are all local, they won’t be spending too much resource calling you.

9. Pay in advance - if you’re convinced that your business will stay for a very long time, pay in advance. Many companies, especially the small companies can provide considerable discount if you pay in advance for months or for one year.

10. Invest in a good phone – if you’re using VOIP, make sure that you have consistent internet connection. For local phone companies, make sure that you invest in a stable connection and clear sound when you receive a call. With the right gadget, you should be able to talk to your customers without the annoying sounds that might discourage the customer in calling your business.