Online advertising is a primary source of income for many web publishers. Websites generally earn by displaying advertisements on their site and are paid as per webmaster’s agreement with the advertising client.  As an online content publisher, we too use ads at specific areas of our webpage.  

Even though advertising on websites brings in revenue it often come at a price for visitors by making them view interfering ads in between content. While many webmasters take time to place their ads in non-obtrusive areas, such ads may still leave an meddlesome impression and can easily frustrate visitors since a product or a service is displayed to them without their consent.  Hence, we constantly sought the best option available so as to make our ad usage as discreet as possible.

Unlike scores of websites that feature prominent ads, We made a conscious effort to become sensitive to our readers taste without sacrificing our website quality and ad revenue.  It was during this tryst of seeking a smart advertising solution that we came to learn the concept of in line text ads from Infolinks PPC ads. They offered Contextual Ads that dynamically placed ads on our website’s text and showed up only when our visitor’s mouse hovered over specific text on our webpage.

We signed up with Infolinks without paying any fee.  We were provided with a short script code and once we integrated this code on our webpage, in text context ads got activated and visitors started seeing relevant ads integrated with the text of our webpage.  Such in text context ads have double underline which signify their attribute.

Practically we have had an effortless relationship with Infolinks and the advertisements are very easy to integrate on any webpage.  We can even customize and control the appearance, frequency and location of the ads that are displayed.  In addition to these, we can also selectively restrict the ads on certain parts of the webpage and most importantly our ad earnings were stabilized.

Infolinks form of advertising allowed us to explore our webpage for additional content. Instead of reserving some part of the webpage for advertisements, we could focus on creating interesting content to gain more visitors in our site.  It is practically a win-win solution for us and our users who just want great content without the annoying ads.

Infolinks offered us various payment options like Visa, MasterCard, ACH, PayPal to receive our payments. Every month, Infolinks checks our account and determines if we qualify for a payout. We are required to reach $100 before we can get qualified for any payment.   In case we do not reach the amount on a particular month, the amount will be carried over to the next month until it reaches $100. The payment arrives within 45 days from the day we request for payment. We can even track total earnings on our account in Infolinks.

Infolinks promise of "Highest Revenue Share" implied that we stand a better chance in earning because the pay-per-click share is higher than any online ad companies.  It is one of the best advantages offered by Infolinks to us. Of course, the revenue will depend how much the advertising client pays Infolinks but the fact that we will have higher share meant that our revenues turn out to be better.

From my personal experience Infolinks ads outsmart its competitors on several fronts. Infolinks ads offer excellent reliability coupled with slick performance.  Quick relevant ads response matched with remarkable after sales support, stable earnings backed with prompt payment sets Infolinks a class apart among its peers.   If at all there is a drop in context ads revenue in proportion to site traffic, the support team is courteous enough to tweak the Infolinks setting to target high paying keywords. 

Infolinks fare much better than others not only in terms of context ad revenue but also in each and every aspect of its role as a context ad provider. Infolinks is smart, innovative and profitable ad platform that I can recommend for online publishers. It is a good source of additional revenue for websites. You too can join Infolinks and script your own success formula.  


Infolinks fun Double with the Bubble video