Mp3 players are popular mobile device as it offers entertainment for individuals on the go. It’s usually a small music player that can hours of entertainment. Many consumers purchase this gadget for playing music while others use this for listening to podcasts.

Whatever you reason in opting for an Mp3 player, you need to know how to choose the right gadget. While many Mp3 players are not expensive, purchasing the wrong product can become a source of inconvenience rather than entertainment.

The following are tips on how to choose the right Mmp3 player:

1. Flash disk vs. hard drive storage - The advantage of flash disk based Mp3 players they are affordable and smaller. However, Mp3 players that uses hard drive as their storage device are usually more expensive. But even though they are expensive, they can be durable and usually store more files compared to smaller flash disk based Mp3 players.

2. Add-ons inside the Mp3 player - Aside from being an audio player, there are also Mp3 players that can allow you to tune-in to your favorite FM station. Audio recording is also a common feature. Some even offer an FM transmitter option so that you can stream your audio to your radio.

3. Check for warranty - Mp3 players with popular brands usually go with one year warranty. This is highly recommended since a small device can be easily destroyed. With a one year warranty, your device is protected and will last for a very long time.

4. Battery life - Many Mp3 players can last up 20 hours of continuous audio. Choose an Mp3 player within this range so that you can easily use the Mp3 player without being concerned of recharging the device. You’ll never be able to enjoy the gadget’s mobility if it doesn’t provide ample batter life.

5. Size - Many Mp3 players are a little more than 3 inches of length and half inch wide. This size is very popular for those who just wanted to have a decent Mp3 player they can bring for long travel.

6. Capacity - If you want variety, you might have to purchase an Mp3 player than have at least 2GB of storage capacity. There are Mp3 players that can give more but if you’re concerned about the budget, the 2GB storage capacity should be more than enough to give you hours of entertainment.

7. Display - There are Mp3 players that do not provide any display such as iPod Shuffle. But it’s highly recommended to have a device that have a small display so that you’ll be able to easily control the media on your Mp3 player. Through the display, you can also obtain additional information about the media being played.

8. Additional hardware with the purchase - The usual additional components of an Mp3 player are the following: a sling, headphones, charger and CD for driver and software installation. Double check if these add-ons (especially the charger) works so that you can use the Mp3 immediately.

9. Know the basics of an Mp3 player – Before using the Mp3 player, know the basics of its operation. Read the instructions that comes with the device or research online on how you can get the best out of the device. It’s highly recommended to know more on extending the battery life of your Mp3 player.

10. Option for video playing capacity - If you think you’re not contented with an audio only mobile device, spend a little bit more to purchase Mp3 players that can also play videos. This might cost you more but it’s worth it especially if you prefer videos rather than audio.