Even though everyone is having some trouble keeping up with the economy, it doesn’t’ mean that you have to look distraught or miserable. In fact, getting beautiful or looking good is more important than ever. By looking good, you’re projecting confidence which could help you land a good job. You can also help your friends and families as you cheer them up through your good looks.

Fortunately, looking good doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on beauty products. There are smart ways that you can look good without having to dig deep into your pocket.

1. Online shopping – if you’re familiar with various beauty products, it’s better to shop online rather than through your local beauty store. Competition among online stores is high so you should be able to get the lowest price possible. Look for online coupons that you can use so that you can gain more savings.

2. Using generic products – you have to make a distinction here: you can use generic products on general cleaning agents such shampoo, soap and conditioners. Beauty creams and make-up might not work well when they are generic so its still best to spend a little bit more on these products.

3. Consider homemade beauty products – there are probably thousands of articles online that offer tips and recommendations on beauty products that you can use at home. Just be sure that the recommendations provided will help you save instead of spending more on raw ingredients.

4. Controlled use of shampoo – avoid using shampoo everyday. While your hair will look great everyday, you are slowly destroying it because of the chemicals. Instead of using shampoo daily, be consistent on conditioners. Although you should use it everyday, be sure to use it in small amount which is just enough to maintain your hair.

5. Controlled use of make-up – since it’s always recommended to stick to well known brands for make-ups, the only way to save on make-ups is to control its usage. You don’t need to use too much make-up to look great. You just have to be smart on how you use your make-up to look better without spending too much.

6. DIY beauty processes – with enough patience, practice and research, you can actually cut your hair and clip (even design) your nails. This will help you save hundreds of dollars in salons every month. You might even offer these services if you’re getting good at it.

7. Search for samples – there are hundreds of samples that you can find online. These samples are usually on beauty products since they are small enough to be sent for free and they can easily grab the attention of buyers.

8. Water – water cleans everything both inside and outside the body. Drink lots of water so that you can remove toxins in your body. By removing the toxins, your skin will look and feel better. Water therapy is also applicable in washing your face at night. Consistent splash of water to the face could be as effective as having to clean your face with astringents.

9. Eating healthy – foods that are full of cholesterol and sugar are not only unhealthy but they can also harm your skin because these foods increases their oiliness. Vegetables and fruits can condition you skin to look great even if you don’t use lots of lotions.

10. Exercise – this will help you become strong and healthy and it could also help your skin look great. Because you constantly sweat, you remove excess oil in your body. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in gym membership. Just follow a consistent exercise program.