Printers are an essential part of the computer system in business and most homes. Businesses need them in order to have a hard copy of important documents in case something goes wrong with the computers. Many homes need printers because students and parents need to print some things for business, school and other personal reasons.

Because of the importance of a printer at home and business, it is essential that the right printer should be selected. A printer is a very fragile electronic product because of moving components so it’s essential to choose the right product that can work in specific conditions.

To purchase your ideal printer, here are some things to avoid:

1. Immediately rushing online to purchase printers - There are two reasons why you should never purchase printers online: the shipping fee of printers are nearly 50% of the price and local support is not available.

2. Purchasing printers with no cartridge - Printer manufacturers always provide a "trial" cartridge in order to try out the printing quality. Do not be pressured to immediately purchase a spare cartridge especially if you are just using the printer for personal use. Cartridges are usually very expensive as they cost more than 30% of the actual printer price.

3. Purchasing printers with no test print – You have to know the products printing quality before any purchase is made. A test print will not only test the printing quality, it will also test the usability of the printer in an actual need.

4. No support CD - Printers always come with support CD that contains firmware or files needed for the printer to your in your computer. Do not accept the argument that the firmware can be downloaded online because there could be compatibility issues if you fail to select the right installation file for your printer.

5. Printers with no warranty - Like all brand new electronic products, your printer should come with warranty. Unfortunately, the warranties in printers are usually limited since there are a lot of movable parts. But retailers should still provide warranties on some parts and limited service in case something goes wrong wit your printer.

6. Modified printer - There are retailers that sell printers with "unlimited ink" modification. Avoid this type of products since these products do not come with warranty. Better to purchase a brand new product first and have it modified when the warranty period ends.

7. Printers with no local support - As much as possible, purchase a printer with an authorized service center in your area. This will help you seek proper servicing to your printer even though the product is no longer covered by the warranty period.

8. Printers with expensive ink - If you are planning to purchase a printer for basic home use, it is a lot better to purchase printers with affordable inks. The quality may not be good compared to expensive inks but they can provide the needed service when it comes to basic home printing.

9. Really cheap printers - There are actually brand new printers that are very competitive in pricing. But the product’s pricing is often an indicator on the product’s quality. Unless you are very familiar with the type and model, it is better to invest a little bit on a printer to avoid inconvenience.

10. No USB Port - This is highly recommended if you have a laptop and not a PC. Laptops only have USB connections and no printer port. A printer that can only receive data from a printer port is useless in a USB only gadgets. A printer-port only product can be converted but the adaptor can be expensive and quality is not assured.