Buying electronic products online is very easy and ideal for many customers because of the aggressive pricing. Information about the specific product, especially electronic products are never lacking. If you want specifications even to an obscure product, a simple search online can yield your desired data.

But it is not always good news when buying electronics online. There are some problems that can arise from your online transaction. Avoid these frustrations when buying online by taking note of these things to avoid:

1. Unknown sites - Buying electronic products from unknown websites can lead to potential scam. There are thousands of reputable websites to choose from so buying from unknown sites is just a bad idea.

2. No specifications – Even when buying from reputable websites, you have to make sure you are buying the right product. One practice that will help you know that is to look at the specifications. A company that only says they have the brand name and model type without specifications is not a good (or trusted) seller. They might have made some modifications on the gadget and you can never hold them liable for that action.

3. No actual images of the product - When you are buying electronic products in auction sites, know the difference between an actual image to the image taken online. Only trust auctions that comes with actual pictures so that you can be assured that the product actually exists and comes with exact specifications.

4. Reputable sellers – Auction sites often rate their sellers based on reputation. The reputation is based on buyer’s or other seller’s feedback. Use this as your guide about their experience in the auction site in order to determine their legitimacy. There are many scammers in auction sites especially on electronic products as they tend to be very competitive in pricing.

5. Too good to be true prices - Electronic products are priced within a specific range. Some can offer up to 10% discount but with additional restrictions. Do not believe a website that promises more than 20% of savings especially on a brand new electronic gadget in the market.

6. No warranty section for the product – There are websites that offer a "general" warranty for all their products. While this is good since this will cover all products, it is always better that the product comes with a specific warranty so that you will know how your product is covered.

7. No return policy websites - Retailers of electronic products should always have a return policy. Some may offer a seven-day return policy while others offer one month return policy. Although this policy is only applicable for products that do not work, this is an essential agreement for buyers so that you can have a product in good quality.

8. Rushing to buy newly released product – Mobile phones, laptops, Mp3 players and computers first released to the public often have problems on their first day. While these are simply bugs in the system that can be fixed, avoid the inconvenience by waiting for a few months to ensure the stability of the system.

9. Not checking local retailers first - It is always best to purchase electronic products from your local retailer. Aside from saving on shipping and handling, you get to try the product first before agreeing to buy the product.

10. Modifications on brand new products - Physical modifications on brand new electronic products will destroy it is warranty. Unless you have enough funds for repair or for another product, wait for the warranty before you open your electronic gadget. Also, double check the warranty of the product if the restriction also covers the software in case you wanted to make some personal improvements on the system.