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Drawbacks of Extended Warranty

Extended warranty has been vigorously marketed by different electronic appliance shops. A brand new appliance would usually have one year warranty but you have an option to extend it to three or five years. In paper, the offer really looks good because you are appliance … Read the rest

The 4 Nasty Tricks of Retailers

Retailers do not just put up products in their shelves and expect people to buy them no matter what. There are certain techniques retailers use so that you will buy products from them even though you do not need them. Some may be illegal, but … Read the rest

Snapping Out of Workaholic Habits

Being a workaholic is never a good thing. Although you get things done in a very short time and our productivity is almost record breaking, you are sacrificing so many things just to get your job done. Being a workaholic means all you have in … Read the rest

Save Money on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is coming and we all have to do our part to give our mothers a great time after all the things she has done for us. Even for just one day, we could give her something special. But that doesn’t mean we’re going … Read the rest

Things to Consider Before Shopping

We love to buy things. The idea of having so many things in our possession appeals almost to everyone. But the ability to buy the things that we want is not available to everyone. There are only a few people in the planet who can … Read the rest

Tips to Stop Buying Stuff

Everyday, more and more people are finding it very hard to stop spending money. We can always say to ourselves that we won’t buy anything anymore but as soon we say that we find ourselves buying another thing out of whim. That kind of behavior … Read the rest

Curing the Shopaholic in You

Are you a shopaholic?  Some people say they are but they are actually aren’t while there are those who answers with a stern “no” but is actually suffering from this problem secretly. You’ll know you’re a shopaholic if you do and behave like the … Read the rest

Avoiding Shopping Malls

Shopping is a great experience not only for your personal satisfaction but it’s also a good way to bond with the family and friends. You can go to shopping malls and take a look at things and when you find a good thing you might … Read the rest

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