You have to be creative during recession to survive. Being laid off at work does not mean everything will just crumble since you do not have any source of income. Sticking to traditional ways of finding a job and being aggressive about it could still yield nothing. For that reason, you need to be creative and consider small jobs for now. These jobs do not have to be a career but a great way to deal with recession.

Small Job # 1: Pet Services

Dogs, cats and other domesticated animals is a billion dollar industry. Owners do not just let their pets get mediocre services if they can afford to have one. There are many forms of jobs related to this industry that are still in demand for today.

You can be a dog walker and charge owners every week as you walk their dog everyday. If you have any experience in grooming pets, the possibility of providing on site cleaning for pets is even a better prospect. These are not full time jobs since you can do these at your preferred time.

Small Job # 2: Fix It Guy

If you have any skills in woodworking or basic electronics, you can be a handyman in your community. This is a very useful skill that could even become a fulltime business if you can show your skills and be licensed about it.

The tools you would need for this type of service could even be there so you do not need any start-up capital. Just make sure that you have the skills to fix things such as chairs and table so that you will not have any frustrated clients. If you do the project well, you can slowly become dependable in your neighborhood.

Small Job # 3: Window Cleaning/Lawn Maintenance

If you have a knack for cleaning, this could be your small job for the weekend. You do not even need to spend hundreds of dollars as start-up capital. Window cleaning is a tedious work even at home so you can offer this small service with a fee.

Lawn maintenance is also another service you could provide in your free time. But make sure that you have a great looking lawn so that your customers will believe that you can clean their lawn. Think about it as your greatest advertisement – if your windows and lawn will look good, then customers will certainly sign up for your services.

Tips on Advertising

Like the window cleaning/lawn maintenance job, the greatest advertising is on how you can do those tasks at home. If you walk your dog everyday and your pet often comes out looking great, then customers will come since they know you can do a good job.

This is also your chance in knowing if you do have the skills in establishing a small business. Using your skills, you can try to expand your operations and become a full time businessman. Recession can become a window of opportunity if you carefully use your skills and know where to start.