Selling your property today is a little bit challenging. Because of the increasing foreclosure rate in most areas in the country, home buyers are waiting for a foreclosed property to purchase instead of purchasing a regular property. But even though it’s challenging, selling the property is still a possibility as long as you provide improvement to the property. Aside from increasing the attractiveness of the property, you even improve its value.

If you are aiming to improve the value of the property, you can make small but important renovations that you can do to your property. However, not all improvements mean additional value. In fact, they might even be considered as a liability. If you are thinking of selling your property then do not even consider the following upgrades.

A Swimming Pool

At first glance, a swimming may look like a great addition to your property in terms of increasing its value. But that really depends on where your property is located. In fact, there are areas in the country that considers a pool as a liability.

If you are located in the southern states, the addition of a pool could increase your home value but the northern states see a pool as a liability since you need to provide insurance.

To be safe, just avoid the addition of a swimming pool. Although they would look nice to your property, they are just considered a hazard by some families especially those that have children.

Home Extension

A home extension could make or break the value of your property. If you add an extension to your house to make it look bigger or with additional space, make sure that your property will still look good from the outside.

Even if you increase the space inside your property by more than 25%, the aesthetic look of your property may not already be there.

A home extension is practically a gamble since some will see it as a good thing but others will just see it as destruction to your open space. To be safe, avoid house extensions and stick to the original design. You might end up spending a lot without gaining anything.

Up to Date Finishing

Furnishing your property with the latest trends in making your home look good can make your property look good but only for a limited time. There are two reasons why you don’t have to use the latest trends in finishing.

First, using the trendy finishing would mean that the look of your home may not be trendy anymore after a few years or even just after a few months.

The second reason is that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder – especially on a property. Like a home extension, furnishing could look good for some but might not be appreciated by others. But if you stick to classic furnishing, you’ll be able to have a clean looking property.

Keeping it Simple

The best property to sell is the simplest looking property. They may look dull at first but they provide an unlimited option for the new property owners to improve the said property. Imposing your idea to the property buyer is not the ideal way to sell the property.

Recession is here and selling your home is very difficult so you have to stay with the traditional method on how the house will look good.

If you’re thinking of selling your property, avoid these additions. They will cost you but the value of your property will never improve.

If you really wanted to improve the value of your property, contact your local real estate agent so that you will know the latest factors that will improve the look and the value of your property.