Recession Tips

After Holiday Auditing in Recession

Recession should never affect your regular celebration of the holidays. One of the best ways to address the problems of this type of economic scenario is to live normally as if nothing has happened. This will somehow give you the psychological advantage that everything is … Read the rest

Another Look in Surviving Recession

The challenge of recession is nearly set to end. But that doesn’t mean that life will be a lot easier today. The whole world is still in recession which means finding a job is still relatively difficult. The unemployment rate is still projected to reach … Read the rest

Anticipating Income Reduction

One of the biggest effects of recession is unemployment. USA is currently facing more than 9% in unemployment rate and its set to reach double digits even before the end of the year. Some stats in the country are already beyond the double digit unemployment … Read the rest

Recession Lifestyle

Everyone is complaining about recession. This traumatizing economic period is affecting everyone since various industries are losing money fast and their losses are not only passed on to their employees but to consumers as well. As a result, everyone else suffers because they are at … Read the rest

Getting Out of Work Trouble

Recession has affected millions in the country and billions worldwide. The challenges of recession are not even seen to end up yet even though everyone is working really hard to get out of this economic trouble.

Job termination is still implemented by some company as … Read the rest

Your Financial Standing Against Recession

Your financial standing during recession is not just a simple concept that could be easily answered in terms of numbers. The numbers could mean your past, your current situation and your future. The past is already done and no one has the ability to change … Read the rest

Building Passive Income During Recession

You already heard of this scenario: because of recession, job loss is prevalent which only increases the unemployment rate of the country. Job loss is not going to slow down since companies are still hesitant to hire more employees. As a result of massive job … Read the rest

Job Hunting Demons During Recession

The daily news always point to the bad side of things – there are fewer jobs today and the unemployment rate is increasing. Multi-million companies are closing down their factories in different areas in the country and other parts of the globe which has immediately … Read the rest

Increase Property Selling Value

Selling your property today is a little bit challenging. Because of the increasing foreclosure rate in most areas in the country, home buyers are waiting for a foreclosed property to purchase instead of purchasing a regular property. But even though it’s challenging, selling the property … Read the rest

Small Jobs During Recession

You have to be creative during recession to survive. Being laid off at work does not mean everything will just crumble since you do not have any source of income. Sticking to traditional ways of finding a job and being aggressive about it could still … Read the rest

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