One of the reasons why the US economy is on a slump right now is because of its real estate market. The mortgage rates are increasing while the prices of homes are on the all time low. If you’re a real estate investor right now, you are probably having one of the worst times in your business – if you’re still in it.

For regular families and couples who just wanted to house or sell their home for varied reasons, they are facing also challenges on how to cope up with this situation.

Families and individuals who are looking to sell their homes today are in for a very disappointing reality. The prices of houses today are lower even though you just purchased your house two to three years ago. You may be paying the house on a different mortgage with a higher price but today’s appraisal of homes is way different and will yield a very low estimate on your property. Having to pay for a house on a higher price than what it could be sold is very bad – that doesn’t even include the fact that you are paying the house on an interest rate that doesn’t seem to go down. The fact that houses today could be sold in a lower price compared to the original price cannot be changed. However, we can’t just sit there and resign to the idea that our houses will be sold for a very low price.

Here’s a simple trick you could do to get the highest possible price for your house. Thankfully our world being online has greatly helped in looking for help in selling our houses. Before we go to the trick, here’s a simple rule: do not use listing services to sell your home. Although this might not sound good to others, selling your home through a listing service could mean you’re asking their services from estimate to the listing fee. Added to that, listing services will also require you to pay them even the house is not yet sold. Now on to the trick: instead of listing services, look for house buyers online or in your local area. House buyers are small to large scale companies who will but your house upfront. Most of them pay cash and they could process almost everything within 2-3 months.

Even though you haven’t started any process of selling your home, you just have to let them work on your house and everything will be done for you. This process is very easy and very fast. You don’t even have to clean up your house or repair some things to impress the buyers. These house buyers are interested to get your home, fix it and sell it for a higher price. But don’t just settle for one house buyer, there are tens or even hundreds of companies who are willing to buy your house real fast. Be sure to get more than one house buyer for an offer. It’s like giving your house to the highest bidder. Remember the classic sales trick where they say “others are waiting so act fast”? In your case, make it a reality and tell them of the price you get from other house buyers.

The prices on your home can be determined by some factors the price is not final – you can still negotiate the price with the house buyers. Buying a house is an entirely different discipline. Don’t expect the selling price of current homes will be lower. That fact is only good for the house buyers but as consumers, the savings you could get will not be that much. The first rule in buying a house today is research. Nothing beats in getting all the information you need regarding the location of your preferred house. In today’s economic situation, the house buyers are probably scrambling to sell their homes so you might be getting a good deal anywhere. But they will still bait you with a price so you just have to be very careful not to jump into a price.

This is not the same in selling your house wherein you’ll have more than one offer. When you buy a house and you like it, the real estate agent will encourage you to go ahead with the transaction. If you really like the house and you don’t care about the price, be my guest but if you’re looking to save, don’t rush. The business of selling a house is not that good today so the real estate agent will most likely run after you rather than the other way around. A house is one of the greatest assets of any individual. Be sure to sell at the best price possible. If you’re buying one, let them run after you to get a good deal for your future home.