Payday Loan Tips

How to Avoid Payday Loans

Payday loans is a form of micro-loans often opted by those with a steady source of income. They are very easy to obtain as your loan can be approved in just a few hours. There are also online companies that can approve your micro-loan in … Read the rest

Extreme Payday Loan Prevention Ideas

Saving money is a little bit harder that we thought. You could always resolve to keep part of your money in the bank. But before your paycheck comes, you usually run out of money so you are forced to visit the payday loan company again. … Read the rest

Five Ways Your Job Could Prevent You from Payday Loans

Payday loans should be avoided – at all times. Those that have fallen to the lure of payday loan companies often find it really hard to get out of cycle debt because of the exorbitant interest rates. Unfortunately, those that have been lured by … Read the rest

Payday Loan vs. Credit Cards

Payday loans are often seen as the last resort of people who can’t easily get a loan to pay for their bills and other necessities. You can easily accept the fact that you can go through a debt with high interest rate since you don’t … Read the rest

Avoiding Reasons for Payday Loans

We always know that payday loans offer the highest interest rate compared to other lending institutions. Besides from paying processing and other types of fees, the interest rate for a two week loan could be 20% or even more. Simple math suggests that your monthly … Read the rest

Smart Money to Avoid Payday Loans

Payday loans are often availed by people who can’t seem to put their finances in place no matter what they do. But if a financial advisor takes one look at their finances, the advisor could easily point out the things that you have missed out.… Read the rest

How Payday Loan Companies Pressure You Into Paying

Most of the payment for loans could be easily arranged as long as you tell them in advance that you don’t have the ability to pay them on time. For example, telephone companies have collections department that doesn’t only collect money from you but also … Read the rest

Avoiding the Temptation of Payday Loans

Payday loan companies always make it a point that getting money from them is really easy. They don’t have to be in big commercials but they will always accommodate to your every need and the cash you want could be processed fast. This is always … Read the rest

Avoiding the Payday Loan Mentality

Payday loan mentality is a kind of thinking that will get you into a lot of trouble. This is a type of thinking that says, “I don’t have money right now but that’s ok because my paycheck is coming”. Because we are always thinking that … Read the rest

How Credit Unions Help You Avoid Payday Loans

When credit unions were established, they didn’t offer services that would rival payday loans. Credit unions are basically financial institutions where its members are also part owners. Members can deposit, withdraw or even loan money with a very low interest rate. Since it’s a non-profit … Read the rest

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