A bullied child is often harder to discipline or even teach new skills. More often than not, kids who are being bullied have a harder time adjusting in school since they are more preoccupied than being bullied rather than learning something. Besides from learning, development of life skills is very slow for children who are being bullied. The kid’s energy will be spent most of time doing things against or for the bully.

As a parent you can do things to address the bully problem. Unfortunately, kids who are being bullied are the stereotyped ones: the silent and shy kids or kids who are too nerdy or just weird for everyone’s conception. If you’re kid is of the smaller stature, there is a great possibility that you’re kid will be bullied because they can be easily manipulated physically.

Of course your kids will try to hide this fact from you. They could give you false stories about school. But at their age, you’ll probably know from their tone and movement whether they are lying or not. They would usually give you a generalized answer about school or what they have been doing. Their actions will also lead to unnecessary absences because of their fear at school. Before you know it, your kid will no longer make another step in their school because of their fear of bullies.

The main reason why bullying happens is the lack of supervision in schools. Parents have to talk with school administrators so that they could help increase surveillance and supervision at school. More often than not, bullying happens during lunch break or in the halls of the school where supervision is very limited. If surveillance and presence of teachers are increased in these areas, bullying will be limited.

As a parent, you can’t just get in and talk to the bully. You have to teach your kids deal with the bully but not by fighting. Some parents have the tendency to enroll their kids into different types of self defense but this will only lead to increased aggression and will even place your kids into different types of physical danger.

Bullying happens because bullies often wanted to feel control on other kids. More often than not, bullying increases when kids react or oppose to the advances of the bully. Because they are opposed, they will feel more power because they have the ability to overcome the objections of their children. When your child learns to be passive to the advances, the bullying will stop because they won’t feel any power.

When all else fails, it’s time to talk to the bully. This will ultimately stop the bullying since you are actually protecting your kid. Before you do this, be sure you have the support of the school administrator so that someone will help you in explaining to the bully why their actions are not approved.

Protect your kids from bullies; their trauma today will resonate when they grow up. If you ensure they have a healthy and safe learning environment, they will grow easily especially academically where there is no pressure or bullying.