Raising a child to follow the Christian ways is very difficult today. Distractions on TV, the internet and peer pressure could easily lead the kids to different and dangerous. Secularism and disregard in religion is common to kids nowadays especially on teens. Because of the influence in TV and other media outlets, binding yourself to a religion is often seen as not cool.

The kid will feel outcast and he or she will be forced to forget the Christian way. Although the secular way is not itself evil, the susceptibility to things and activities that might corrupt a child is always there. With a Christian way, the kids will have a strong foundation on what is right and what is wrong and will stay away as much as possible from these things.

It’s up to the parents in rearing their children to the Christian way. The parents have to protect their kids from outside influences. But that doesn’t mean that their kids should be cut off from the community because of the bad influences that seemed to come from different places. All the kids need is the right motivation and guidance so that they would be faithful to their value even with all the temptations.

Parents should start rearing their kids to the Christian faith as early as possible. Books about the Christian faith, reading to them great and inspiring bible stories and taking them to the church on Sundays are only some of the things you could do to your kid so that he or she will grow up in the faith.

Raising a child in the Christian faith also requires a great deal of example. Parents can’t just tell their kids to be in Church every Sunday when the parents can’t also make it there. Every Christian Value that you want to teach your kids should also be your own value. Be consistent about this especially when you want to discipline to discipline your children. This is often the reason why our kids can easily forget about their values. They can just let go of these values because with the lack of foundation and example from their parents.

When you kids are already teenagers, there is a possibility that they will be rebellious to the religious instruction and guidance from their parents. By this time, peer pressure is even greater. This is also the most difficult stage for the parents since they are not able to control their teens completely.

The initial reaction of parents is to overpower their kids with more control. But this should not be the case. Instead of being proactive, parents should be more understanding. Instead of talking back, listen to your teens. All they need at this point is someone to guide them. They will still respect you as parents and if you are steadfast in your faith, your kids will certainly notice and will eventually be influenced.

Helping kids grow up in faith is a challenge but as long as the parents are there to guide and set an example, kids will always be on the right hands and eventually grow up gracefully with a strong foundation in values.