During the divorce proceedings, no one will be affected more by the fighting of couples than their children. The kids are often divided between their parents which often results to confusion and for parents, more reason to fight over custody. They usually take their arguments to courts which will add burden to their children. Their parents may say they love them but their bickering will hurt their kids more.

Instead of taking their custody battle to court which will cost money and drag for months or years, more parents have opted to hire a parenting coordinator to settle the custody dispute between two parties. A parenting coordinator is someone agreed by both parties who will become the mediator between parties in order to determine custody of their children.

Parenting coordinators will have to be present during hearing proceedings and consider other factors of both parties. This will help them decide what’s best for their children. They will give recommendations to the parties which could be agreed and eventually agreed upon.

The agreed terms and conditions set by the parenting coordinator is not just a small document. This is a binding document which will take the party that doesn’t conform with the terms and conditions to legal liabilities. Each party will have to sign an agreement and the parenting coordinator will see to it that the conditions written are followed by both parties.

Parenting coordinators remove the necessity of custody battle in the court. This option is a lot more affordable since this will be settled in the soonest time possible. Time is also a factor here since as previously indicated; parents will never have to wait for a very long time before a decision is made.

But caution has to be made in selecting a parenting coordinator. There are a lot of parenting coordinators in any city today but some of them may have inclinations or biases which could be a disadvantage for one party. Be sure to look for a parenting coordinator that has experience in order to achieve objectivity in the decision. Even though the decision may not be appealing to one party, parents will be assured that the decision of the parenting coordinator was only made to ensure the kids welfare is still in place.

To seal the agreement, both parties will have to sign the terms and conditions set by the parenting coordinator. Before agreeing to the conditions, read them carefully and never sign anything that is not clear yet. An experienced parenting coordinator knows the importance of detailing the terms and conditions.

This will prevent gray areas of the agreement which could cause another disagreement between parents. When this situation comes, the parenting coordinator just caused more trouble instead of fostering reconciliation and ensuring the proper guidance of their children.

Parenting coordinator is one of the ways parents could do if they really care about the welfare of their children. The parenting coordinator will ensure that an agreement will be forged by the parents the soonest time possible so that kids will not be left confused during the legal proceedings of divorce.