Kids are naturally shy in environments they are not really familiar with. Most of the time, they will just stay in one place for a very long time before they actually contact or talk to anyone. This will place kids at a disadvantage especially in school where they start to learn so many things. If they are shy in every activity, they will never get to interact with other kids and eventually be left behind in learning. Parents should as much as possible help their kids overcome shyness as this will be the key into exploration new things and experience new activities which will lead to better learning.

Information has a very important role for parents in guiding their kids overcome shyness. Parents could present facts to their kids so that they should never be afraid of anything at all. By being informed, kids will know that there are new things that they can actually do without fearing anything.

Some parents have even devised a simple encouragement plan for their children. They can explain to their kids that what they are about to do or participate it is nothing but a game with a little twist. Although it’s not entirely true, your kids will eventual have fun in different activities that you are encouraging them to be with. Finding common ground with the things they enjoy and the activities they tend to shy away from is a great way to introduce your kids to different activities especially in school.

Aside from information that comes from you, you should also hear the side of your kids why they are hesitant on doing certain things. More often than not, parents have the tendency to dispel the fears of their kids. Be sure to listen their fears and even though how simple they are, they are the reasons why they are not participating in the first place. Do not forget your eye contact as this will be the assurance that you are listening to your kid’s problem. Eye contact is also very important when explaining to dispel fear to your kids. This will ensure your kids that you are giving them your undivided attention in taking care of their problem and fears.

Your kids should never be limited in explaining their side of the story. Expressing their fear through crying should never be discouraged by parents. If your kids start to cry about their fear about the event, let them express their frustration and start listening. More often than not, their shyness is founded from something they are afraid of. As a parent you should ensure that these fears are nothing and you will be there to help them overcome those fears. Encouragement is always a big help for your kids so that they will overcome their shyness. If you are there with them, they can easily overcome their fears because they know that someone is there for them.

By being there with your kids, you’ll be able to connect with them and encourage them to do greater things because they can easily overcome their shyness.