Your kid’s first day at school – an inevitable stage in your kid’s transformation that parents both love and dread. Parents love it because it’s a start of you’re their kid’s independence which could give parents more time for themselves. Parents also dread it because it could be the first time that the parents will be leaving their kids – even for just a few hours. Your child might also feel the same thing. They are excited to finally be in school and learn more things but they also dread the fact that you will be leaving them at the care of someone you’re not really familiar with.

Helping your child cope in their first day at school is all about preparation. You don’t just wake up your child in the first day at school and inform your kid that he or she will be at school for a few hours. Preparation takes weeks or even months to ensure that your kid’s transition in going to school is as smooth as possible.

First thing you should do is to help your kid be familiar with the school, the teacher and their possible classmates. Visit the school a few days before the first day of class and introduce your kids to the teacher and give your kid a small tour of the school. With regards to their classmates, set up a play-date with one of your kid’s future classmate so that your kid will know someone at school and won’t have to go through that very awkward phase of fitting in.

Another challenge that you have to go through is getting your kid get up early. Don’t shock their system by waking them early for the first time to be at school. A week before school let your child sleep earlier and wake in time for school. If will not help your child practice waking up early, your kid will have a hard time adjusting to the schedule and might be sleepy throughout the day.

One of the greatest challenges of any parent would have in the first day of their kids is in actually leaving them to their teachers for the first time. Teachers already know how to handle this but in your end; you might get carried away with the pleading of your child and take him or her home. Be firm with your decision and don’t just sneak out without notice. Say goodbye to your kids and just leave your child to the teacher. They will know what to do so that your kid will easily adjust.

Lastly, be sure to be there when your child goes out of the classroom with the school ends. Reward your child if they have gone through the first day smoothly. Talk to your child about their first day at school. Show interest in what they learned and about school so that your enthusiasm influence them. The first at school is just one day, but it will mean so much to your kids if you help them get through with it as easy as possible.