The psychological effects of abusive parents are still felt even when their kids reaches adulthood. The trauma of living under abusive parents will always be there and although the kid as an adult is already conscious of this situation, he or she may never be able to control its effects because the trauma is already in the subconscious. Reactions to certain situations cannot be controlled.

Because of this, adult victims of abusive parents find trouble in coping up with certain aspects of their lives such as companionship, being a parent or dealing with the society. In worst case scenarios, these children of abusive parents may end up just like their parents or psychologically imbalanced individuals who become a danger to himself or herself and to the society.

This is a very disheartening situation since kids should never be abused by parents and anything that they do right now could be traced back to the days when they were under the care of their parents.

That is why professional help should be sought as soon as the adult realizes that effects of the abusive parents are still there. The good thing about professional help is it slowly lets the abused kid realize that his or her life should never be dictated with what has happened in the past.

Some kids may have easier time adjusting to this fact and eventually live as normal citizens but there are those that cannot just switch off those memories and needs more time to adjust. If they are open to professional help, they will eventually get over those emotions and trauma but it will take time to get over it.

Aside from professional help, it is also important for adult children to join a support group. Although adult children of abused parents is not common in certain areas, there are support group who are there to listen to the struggles of abused adult children.

Letting out the feelings and emotions about the memories is very important for this type of adult children and although they could air out their concerns and frustrations to their psychiatrists, sharing this information to a group provides much more healing. Being with a group creates a bond and fosters friendship within the group. This will also help the adult children of abusive parents to trust the society and eventually foster better relationships and even start a deep commitment with someone.

If the parents of the adult children are still well, confrontation should never start until the child is strong enough or has been healed. Without healing, the adult child is still susceptible to manipulation and they can be easily overpowered by their parents. The adult children should now have the confidence to confront their parents and have moved on in their lives. By confronting their parents, the kids could either move on with their life or even work with their parents towards healing.

By working with the professional and with a group, adult child of abused parents should eventually come in terms with himself or herself to confront their parents. By these actions the adult child should move on and live a normal life.