Effective communication to your preschoolers is imperative. Through communication you should be able to guide your preschoolers and help them with their struggles at this stage. Preschoolers need all the help all they could get in dealing with their emotions as well as interaction with other kids and adults.

Communication always starts with active listening. But in this stage, you don’t just listen to what your kids are saying. You always figure out their emotions behind the things they talk about. They could be angry or sad or just really happy about it. It is important to control their emotions, especially anger and sadness so that they won’t end up physically exerting their anger which could lead into a fight with other kids.

Fear is also common to preschool children since their imagination is very active at this stage. As parents, you should assure them that everything is alright. Your presence should be felt all the time. Experts even recommend that you should reach out and talk to your kids at least a minute or two every 30 minutes.

Since they are just in preschool, they may not have the wisest ideas about things. Parents should not expect that their kids will be so smart to understand everything that you’re saying. You have to stoop down at their level. Imagine realizing things for the first time in your life.

You’ll be very excited about everything that you discover. Preschool children will always have that fascination in so many things and since they are not really smart enough to know what is dangerous or not, you have to guide them as much as you can. Without guidance, they might have some trouble without you knowing it.

This is also the time to be extremely patient with your kids. Because they have discovered so many things for the first time, they have so many things to ask. Be prepared to answer so many “Why” questions as you’ll be bombarded with this by your preschool child.

Do not get irritated because they just want to know more about something they are curious about. It may be an endless why, but they will appreciate that you take time to answer their questions. Being patient is a must at this stage for your kids and the things that you know may basically be transferred to them.

But don’t make up stories just to satisfy their curiosity. Although you can walk away with an easy answer, it will come back to haunt you because your preschool kid will think that this is the absolute truth. Besides, you have to teach them the right thing so that they will have the knowledge that they need to survive.

Preschoolers are very passionate and curious about everything. Parents should be there all the time to guide them in their discovery and listen to all of their outbursts so that you will understand them better. They are entering into a whole new world and what more could they ask than having their parents as their guide.