Parenting Tips

Helping Emotional Children Cope with Reality

Emotional children often have problems in coping up with their environment especially in school. Instead of being active in different activities in school, emotional children would prefer to be alone and be with their thoughts.

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Healing for Adult Children of Abusive Parents

The psychological effects of abusive parents are still felt even when their kids reaches adulthood. The trauma of living under abusive parents will always be there and although the kid as an adult is already conscious of this situation, he or she may never be … Read the rest

A Tip for Parents of Bipolar Children

Kids with bipolar personality are often the hardest to deal with. Their mood swings are more than regular mood swings of children. They can be really happy but when they’re sad and angry, they have the potential to be very destructive not only for the … Read the rest

Coping with Narcissistic Parents

A narcissistic parent is a type of parent who is too concerned about himself or herself that children are often neglected or used to fulfill the wishes of the parent. They can easily manipulate their kids because kids want to show their affection to their … Read the rest

Helping Kids with Parents in Prison

When a parent is incarcerated, it is often the kids that are greatly affected. There are thousands of programs for adults who are incarcerated but there are only limited programs that are aimed to help the kids of parents who are incarcerated.

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Helping Your Child Sleep in their Own Beds

Training your child to sleep in their bed for the first time is a difficult task. Our kids always need to feel secured at all times and even most especially during bedtime. With our presence, they will always have a goodnight sleep so that they … Read the rest

Parents Coping With Deaf Children

Upon hearing or learning that their kids are physically disabled, parents will feel distraught because parents will feel that something was deprived from them. Specifically for parents of deaf children, the gift of hearing was deprived from their kids. Their kids will never hear anything … Read the rest

Parent’s Guide in Dealing with Gifted Children

Most parents dream that their next child would be a gifted one. A gifted child will always show high level of intelligence wherein he or she could easily talk to their parents, increase their skills in a very fast eventually succeeding in a field they … Read the rest

How Parents can cope with Child Loss

The loss of a child is one of the most devastating moments in a parent’s life. A child is always too young to depart this world as he or she still has so many things to learn and so many things to do. The parent’s … Read the rest

Building Your Child’s Character

A child’s character is a very important factor for their development as well as future. It is important for parents to build the right character for their children if they wanted to ensure that the child will be a valuable member to the society as … Read the rest

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