Joining in various auction sites is must for everyone who wanted to get the best products with the least possible price. Owners of products who don’t see the need of their product will try to auction these products online in order to gain profit. Since they don’t see the need for the product, they can auction the product with a very low starting bid.

But not every online auction transaction offers the best rates. Many members in various auction sites are scammed because they were fooled various sellers.

The following are tips on how to avoid being scammed in various auction sites:

Be familiar with the auction site – never rush into bidding if you are not familiar with the auction website. Browse through the auction site in order to get more information about the product and the sellers that join in the particular auction site.

Know more about the seller – the seller’s identity should be easily identified in the auction site. Some opted not to display their name online but the information they provide about the product and other personal information should be available online. Sellers who wanted to convince the buyer of their validity will display information that proves they exist.

Caution on individual auction – most businesses has posted profits online through various auction sites. Individuals on the other hand are just there to get rid of some of their products but can also be a scam. As much as possible, choose a formal business instead of individual sellers to avoid scams.

Avoid dealing with business outside the country – unless you are very sure about the identity of the business not based in the same country where you’re bidding, extreme caution should be exercised. Companies out the country of a bidder are difficult to work with because they can run away with the money without consequences.

Consider using escrow – escrow services allow buyers to deposit amount without sending the said amount to the seller. The escrow service will hold the money for you until you receive the product with the expected quality.

Double check the policy information – the warranty, refund and dispute policy should be properly stipulated in the auction site. Ask the seller about the information in order to have the policies at hand in case something is wrong with the transaction. As much as possible, work only with sellers that displays these policies online.

Avoid “hyped” products – if you’re looking for special products online, work with recommended sellers of the auction sites. Individuals who claim that their product is rare can easily hype their products just to increase the lowest bid price.

Work with real image sellers – proving that the product exists is very challenging, especially for online transaction. A good way to ensure the existence of the product is to look for sellers that provide actual photos of the products. Images from other sources online can be easily extracted even without the actual product.

Check for insurance – aside from refunds and warranties, check if the sellers do offer insurance on the product they sell. This is usually added for expensive or breakable products. Make sure you understand the insurance policies before posting your auction on a specific website. Print the auction page in order to verify the authentic product once the product is shipped.

Check sellers’ reputation – the best sellers in many auction sites are the ones that have continuously impressed their buyers. Check the feedback of various buyers so that you’ll know how they interact with the buyers or offer solution in case something is wrong with the product.