Airline tickets can be easily purchased online. Any major airline has a dedicated website where you can save money by booking directly in their website. There are also online travel agencies that will be more than happy to sell you airline tickets.

But even though the internet offers the convenience and occasional savings, there are certain situations that online purchases can easily cause blunder. Before you shop for the best rate possible for a certain route, here are some reminders on what not to do during your online shopping:

1. Purchasing airline tickets really early or really late - purchasing airline tickets in advance can help you save money. But being too early can cause inconvenience because of schedule changes that will constantly affect your flight. Purchasing in the last minute (within 24 hours) can exponentially increase the airline tickets. Don’t be surprised if your ticket is ten times more expensive than the passenger’s ticket sitting next to you.

2. Booking with various airlines - avoid this type of flight because you will have to jump from one terminal to another because of a different airline. They are also known to be more expensive since two airlines will charge you for the airline ticket.

3. Purchasing from unknown sites - there are many online travel websites to choose from and they offer accuracy and great customer service. Don’t just book on unknown sites as they would often have exorbitant charges especially on booking fees.

4. Reserving flights online for a long time - reserving a flight is different from purchasing an airline ticket. Reserving a seat is not guaranteed as you will not be charged for airfare. The price of the ticket can also increase since the seat is only reserved and the price is not locked.

5. Calling for help and booking online - if you’re on the phone with the customer service representative, insist on letting the representative book the flight in your behalf. Expect additional booking fee but it’s a small price to pay if you want to avoid any inconvenience because you booked the wrong flight.

6. Relying too much on online information - before you leave for your flight, make sure you have a printed copy of your itinerary. Although your ticket is electronic, it still pays to have the actual copy of your itinerary as this will serve as proof that you actually purchased an airline ticket.

7. Using a credit card with a different name - although the chances of confusion is very rare, it can happen. As much as possible, use the credit card that has the same name that will appear on your ticket. This will help in proving you purchased the ticket. It will also ease the refund process in case the flight gets cancelled.

8. Purchasing one way ticket - plan your trip carefully and purchase a round trip or multi-destination ticket. Purchasing the ticket one-by-one is very expensive and time consuming.

9. Purchasing tickets without thinking - if you see a special in Cancun for the weekend don’t immediately get your credit card for the flight. Review the terms and conditions as well as compare the rates in other websites. Sometimes, their special rate will only apply in certain conditions or other websites will have a better offer.

10. Separating reservation - the price of the ticket actually doesn’t change if you book together. But it’s easier to reserve seats and locating airline ticket purchased if they are booked at the same time. It’s also easier to book online since you don’t have to repeat the information. Purchasing as a group will also protect you from possible price and route changes.