While many traditional print magazines are having a hard time increasing their subscriptions, online magazines are increasing in popularity. Because of easier and faster internet access, some businesses opted to create online magazines instead of traditional print. This will help them save money on printing while opening to more audiences worldwide.

Even though an online magazine has its advantages, this form of venture also has its share of challenges. Before you opt to start your online magazine, the following are some questions you need to ask to determine your chances of success in establishing your online magazine.

1. What’s your expertise on a subject? An online magazine is an informative publication. You can’t just pick a topic and talk about it in your online magazine even though you’re vaguely familiar with the topic. Readers visit various online magazines specifically to learn. If they sense that your knowledge of the topic is not as good as what they know, they’ll look for other sites.

2. Can you start small? Dreaming big for an online magazine is not bad but it doesn’t mean you should start big to immediately reach the goal. Start small first so that you’ll be able to gauge reader’s response and slowly develop your magazine.

3. Do you have the money? Money should always be part of your online magazine. Don’t just start an online magazine if you don’t have any start-up capital. Think of the expenses in establishing an online magazine and fulfill them before starting an online magazine.

4. Do you need help? An online magazine is rarely a one-man project. Seek help from a like-minded individual before you start the online magazine. Through a partner, you can share expenses and tasks while maintaining and improving your online magazine.

5. What’s the main source of income? An online magazine is a business venture. That means it’s not a good idea to start an online magazine if don’t know how you can earn from this form of business venture. Be sure to list down actual possibilities in earning in order to maintain and improve your online magazine.

6. How frequent can you publish? This is very crucial since readers always have an expectation from various online magazines. Some online magazine can update their website every few hours while others only update their online magazine on a weekly basis. Although it’s important to update your online magazine daily, it’s better to observe consistency to meet customer’s expectations.

7. Do you need help from experts? You can’t do everything in your online magazine. Seek out professional assistance for some tasks in your online magazine. You might have to spend some extra for premium services but it should be worth it if the output is good.

8. Can you produce additional media? An online magazine is not just composed of texts or articles. Pictures, videos and audio should be part of your online magazine. Be sure you can produce these if you can’t find a royalty free file online.

9. Can you maintain the site? To reduce costs in your online magazine, it’s better to maintain the site without professional assistance. Learn basic web design in your spare time to easily maintain your site. If your online magazine is still small, it’s a bad business plan to spend too much on extra help.

10. Can you learn from other online magazines? It’s a bad idea to be stubborn on your concept for an online magazine even though the online magazine will look bad. Research on other online magazines and learn what they do in their site that has helped them reach their current popularity.