Online shopping is often preferred by consumers simply because it’s convenient. Instead of driving for hours to visit the mall and purchase the product you need, you can just stay in front of your computer and order. Almost anything can be ordered online which means there is a possibility that you don’t have to get out of your house since everything can be delivered.

But there are times that online shopping can cost more to consumers. There are also situations that online shopping can only cause frustration because of some problems.

To avoid problems in your online shopping, here are some common mistakes you should take note:

1. Ignoring to double check the address: this can easily happen if the name of your city is also used in another state. For example "Springfield" is a very common name in the US. Double check the city, state and the zip code to avoid shipping problems.

2. Ignoring to check the shipping cost – if you’re shopping online because you want to save, take note of the shipping cost. Sometimes, the shipping cost could is more than what you would spend in gas and your day’s worth of work since you opted to go shopping.

3. Avoiding to check the security certificate of the website – always check the website’s encryption. They should be up-to-date. You can find the certificate in the lower right side of your browser and it looks like a lock. Without this logo, your information could be stolen.

4. Getting attracted to emails – do not believe in everything you believe in emails especially if they were sent without your permission. Aside from being illegal, purchasing from spam email can only lead to fraud as they might sell you a substandard product or will not send you anything at all.

5. Purchasing without researching the website’s background – you have to know who you do business with to ensure that you’re buying from a legitimate company. Look for their company information on their website or find any information you can get from forums or through simple job search.

6. Ignoring the tracking code and instructions from websites – your credit card offers you the convenience of tracking your order. There are those that outrightly ignore to compare the charges on their credit card to what they saw online. There are times that you might be charged more than what you thought so it’s recommended to double check.

7. Not reading the return policy – there are websites that promise a "30-day money back guarantee*". The asterisk means a lot of things which means you can’t just return the product simply because you don’t like it. Read the return policy to know the actual conditions that will allow you to return the product with corresponding refund.

8. Avoiding to read the shipping dates – online retail stores usually promise a time frame for their products in business days. This means they will only count the weekdays and not the weekend and holidays. Make sure to take account of this fact to avoid frustration.

9. Rush purchasing – take time to purchase products online because there are too many choices and you can end up with the wrong product. Read the description, shipping and other information so that you’ll avoid frustration or end up spending more for a single product.

10. Read consumer reviews – aside from knowing the reputation of the website, know the reputation of the product. This is especially true if you’re purchasing electronic products online. There are reviews to almost any electronic product online which will help you purchase the right product.