Loan Application Approval Criterion

When applying for a new mortgage or refinancing, it is expected from the lending company to look into the financial records of the applicant. The credit scoring, the ability to earn and the value of the property (for refinancing) are scrutinized. These are the factors … Read the rest

Low Interest Rate Refinancing

One of the good things that come out of recession is the lowered interest rates enforced by different financial institutions. This creates an opportunity for property owners to renegotiate their mortgage by refinancing. They can actually bring down their current interest rate by as much … Read the rest

Loan Modification

Loan modification is a form of transaction wherein the debtor negotiates with the lender for a new mortgage agreement. It strongly differs with refinancing since it doesn’t deal with another lender or financial institution. The debtor negotiates with the same lender hoping to make some … Read the rest

Between Loan Application and Approval

Mortgage rates are going down on record level. For that reason, millions are opting to refinance or purchase a new property. Even those that are having a hard time paying for their mortgage are able to seek assistance and save their property.

This is a … Read the rest

Government Fight Against Loan Scams

Loan modification is a form of financial transaction where the property owner and the lender change or modify the current mortgage. This type of service is offered for those who are in dire financial status and badly needed financial aid.

Instead of letting the property … Read the rest

Mortgage Payment Savings

Dealing with mortgage payments today are little bit more difficult compared last year. Because of recession, more and more people are finding it hard to pay for their monthly financial obligation. Recession has made it difficult for people to land a good job and maintain … Read the rest

Avoiding Mortgage Default

Even though the government’s aggressive stand on helping those who are in financial trouble is providing some effect, there are those that might end up bankrupt before help will come. Since the sub-prime mortgage crisis has already started even before the current administration, there are … Read the rest

Mortgage Loan with Bad Credit

Nobody wants to end up in bad credit rating. When you are in this situation, certain services and products are not available for you. For example, satellite TV and some mobile phone providers will not just approve your application without credit check.

If they see … Read the rest

Refinance Timing

Refinancing is a highly recommended financial transaction for those who think their interest rate is higher than what is offered today. Through refinancing, the property owner enters into a new agreement with a new lending company which will pay off the current loan.

The property … Read the rest

Loan Modification Assistance

Loan modification is a very popular option today for property owners. As many property owners are facing foreclosure, they can opt for loan modification to keep their property, suspend or even stop foreclosure altogether. By changing the terms and conditions of mortgage, the lenders will … Read the rest

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