Mobile phones used to be regarded as a luxury wherein only a few individuals could afford to purchase this gadget that allow phone calls to be made and received from virtually everywhere.

Today, mobile phones are everywhere and used by almost everyone. This gadget has even become a necessity for everyone so that connection will be in an instant. Some mobile phones have even transformed into a personal media player and a gadget to connect online.

But the necessity of mobile phones comes with a price – a very hefty price. Without control, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on mobile phones every month.

If you want to save money on your mobile phone bills, here are some tips that could get you started fast.

1. Get a simple mobile phone – If you are a person who just wants to connect to people from time to time, you do not need really expensive phones with additional music players and internet connection.

2. Look for a group discount – This is very important for families. Since everyone really wants to have a mobile phone, getting everyone in one contract decreases the total phone bill compared to individual billing. But there is a better alternative.

3. Use prepaid services – Some say that you may need more than your prepaid mobile phone services. But as long as you control your minutes and texting, you will be able to save practically thousands of dollars in one year.

4. Subscribe or buy bulk text messaging – Text messaging without any plan could cost you up to 15 cents. This amount is very expensive especially when your kids tend to use text messaging a lot. Purchase a prepaid text messaging plan or subscribe to unlimited texting to avoid uncontrolled charges on your mobile phone.

5. Use and – These two websites will analyze your mobile phone use and recommend you the best avail mobile phone plan. Of course, you can do this without their assistance but you have to research a little bit while taking note of your mobile phone activities.

6. Avoid ringtones and other add-on services – Ringtones, wallpapers and downloadable pictures is a good way to give your phone a better look. But they can cost you as you might end up spending as much as $2.00 per service. This amount is a lot more expensive since it uses mobile services instead of the more powerful internet connection.

7. Seek employee discount – Many companies nowadays offer assistance on mobile phone plans. This is done to help employees connect to the company without any trouble and vice versa. Even though, the companies that offer discounts are usually locked with a single provider, you will still experience a considerable discount on mobile phone charges.

8. Some services are not necessary – If you use a simple mobile phone and only use to call, you do not need text messaging and other online services. Add on services are not useful in the first place on your phone and could be very expensive.

9. Appreciate your landline – If you are stationary at work, you do not need to have a mobile phone. Get a landline instead which is very affordable compared to present mobile phone plans. It might a little bit inconvenient to run to your landline from time to time but the savings is worth it.

10. Negotiate with carrier – Competition is a good thing in the mobile phone industry. If your contract is about to expire, get in touch with your current carrier to negotiate. The thought of cutting off their services and transferring to another carrier force them to negotiate your current charges.