Unemployment insurance helps the plan holder to avail assistance from the insurance company in case the plan holder losses his or her job with little no notice. This is very common in this dire economy which means you might be out job next week and you don’t even know it. Unemployment insurance can help you focus on finding a new job as they will provide financial assistance.

Before you go out and seek unemployment insurance, there are things that you have to take note first. While it sounds a money saving insurance, you might end up with an expensive insurance with no benefits.

Check employer offers - because of recession, some companies have opted to offer unemployment insurance. This is good for you since there is a great chance that the company will shoulder some of the financial responsibility for this type of insurance.

Check benefits - there are many insurance companies that have started offering unemployment insurance. Read what they can offer to you in case unemployment strikes. Most companies offer assistance for months right after unemployment or there could be a waiting period before you’ll receive the first financial assistance.

Learn the trade-off - there will always be a "but" when it comes to insurance. Know the downside of the offered benefits of the insurance company. This will also help you decide which insurance company should be able to cater to you specific needs.

Go online - the best place for resources and information is the internet. Learn how to read the terms and conditions posted by various insurance companies online so that you’ll know what to expect when you’re offered with this type of insurance. An online insurance company could even be a great alternative as long as you are sure about their reputation.

Get references - if you’re just starting to search for unemployment insurance, consider yourself a little bit late on this trend since most employees already have this insurance. Ask your friends and family on their preferred insurance company especially on unemployment insurance.

Know the company reputation - before agreeing to the terms and conditions offered by the insurance company, double check their information online. As much as possible work with a company that has been in existence for decades. While this doesn’t remove the possibility of being denied benefits, you are assured of the company stability.

Read the fine print - The most challenging part of dealing with an insurance company is to read the fine print. They are difficult to read but they are a required reading to make sure you know what you can get in case of unemployment.

Talk about a scenario - a good exercise in knowing what you can get from the insurance company is to talk about the unemployment scenario that will most likely happen in your company. Your insurance agent should give you an idea on what will happen to your insurance in case you are laid off from work.

Know the chances of your industry - there are industries that do not need this type of insurance. If you feel that your industry will survive recession, this type of insurance is unnecessary.

Never be impulsive - an insurance agent will most likely push the offer in an aggressive manner. Be cautious in taking their offer no matter what they say about your industry. Always consider their offer and compare them to other insurance companies. Being impulsive on insurance offers will most likely get you in trouble because of unclear benefits from the insurance company you have selected.