Health insurance is a must for everyone. Although it could be costly at first, it’s one of the few things you have to spend on if you want to obtain health related services even though you don’t have the sufficient funds. Your insurance company will take care of the bill as long as you pay your premium on time.

But there are actually ways on how you can reduce your premium on health insurance. They are surprisingly simple but would mean a lot especially if you’re looking to save on health insurance while retaining good coverage.

1. Ask your doctor about it – before seeking any coverage, know what you should cover first. The best person to tell you about it is your doctor. Visit your doctor and ask him or her about the likely medical conditions you will need. Your profile from your doctor should be a good indicator on your needed coverage.

2. Compare offers – there are many health insurance companies vying for your payments. Always compare payments and offers from different health insurance companies. It could take time and patience to read through their offer but the savings and coverage you’ll get is worth it.

3. Consider a broker – at first glance a broker might just be someone who just uses his or her knowledge of the industry to earn. But a broker’s assistance should be very helpful especially if you’re not familiar with health insurance. Through their assistance, you should be able to compare rates and coverage easier.

4. Eat healthy – a good way to reduce your premium is to show the health insurance provider that you are healthy. Eating healthy will ensure that you don’t get sick as you have the sufficient nutrients in your body. It might not show immediately but healthy food will definitely have its effects.

5. Consistent exercise program – complement your healthy food program with regular exercise. If you can’t get a gym membership because they’re too expensive, consider having a regular exercise program in your home. Daily jogging or a weekly exercise should help you get into top shape which should prevent any sickness.

6. Get customized coverage – customizing your coverage will not only help you save on premium, but will also help you know the exact coverage. By choosing medical conditions to be covered, you will know how to protect yourself from activities that will lead to medical attention without coverage.

7. Off medical coverage – also take a look at health insurance companies that do not only offer medical coverage but programs that will keep you healthy. Some health insurance companies offer free gym membership or conduct exercise programs themselves. This is usually found in company sponsored health insurance.

8. Accident insurance – medical attention when an accident happens to you is very important. But be careful in this type of coverage since you may not use it at all. Carefully consider your lifestyle if you’ll end up in a situation where you need medical attention.

9. Don’t be afraid to switch – switching is one of the best technique to get the best out of your present insurance coverage. Every year, search for a different offer from other health insurance companies. Talk to your present provider about the offer you found and transfer if you do not get a competitive reduction on your premium.

10. Increase deductions – if you think you will not end up in serious medical condition or have a relatively healthy way of life, increase your deductions. By increasing your deduction, you premium will be reduced since you will partly pay for the bills in case you need medical attention.