Auto insurance is one of the trickiest forms of insurance that you can’t run away from. As long as you own a car, you will need auto insurance or else you will be held liable not only financially but even legally without insurance. Auto insurance is more than just deductibles and contributions – there are too many terms and conditions and even loopholes that could cause the auto insurance to deny your claim.

While comparing offers from different insurance companies, here are some of the questions you should ask so that you can end up with the best offer possible.

1. Company History – Although it’s not a guarantee that a century old company will not go on bankrupt anytime, it’s still better to deal with an experienced company rather than dealing with a relatively new competitor. New competitors may offer a good rate but you’re taking too much risk since they can close anytime because of their financial instability.

2. How and when to seek assistance – Before you find yourself in trouble, ask your company regarding their mode of assistance. Make sure you ask this question so that you will not be denied of claim since you did not follow procedure on assistance.

3. Claim process – ask the insurance provider on how they process your claim. Always insist in getting a time frame. A “few business days” after your claim will not do it since they can always run away with something different. You could end up waiting for a year for your claim.

4. Customer assistance – make sure that your insurance company is available 24/7 with a toll free number. Anything less than that is unacceptable. Customer assistance should always be available since you’ll never know when bad things will happen and they should be there to assist you immediately.

5. Transferability – ask your insurance provider if they will still provide coverage if you had an accident using a rental car or something you that you just borrowed. If they say “yes”, you can ask to remove than to avoid additional contributions or let it remain if you think you’ll be using other people’s car a lot.

6. Form of coverage from the insurance – you may surprised about this but not everything that happens related to your car could be covered by auto insurance. Some will only provide collision while others will extend their assistance to the passengers. Review your policy and ask questions to ensure you understand the coverage.

7. Rate negotiation – most of the time you see companies advertise rates “for as low as” but you end up with a relatively higher rate. Ask your insurance representative on how you can reach the said rate.

8. Learn more about your deductibles – deductibles will literally cost you if you are not aware of it. Be sure to ask how much you’re expected to spend before the insurance company steps in and help you with the expenses. If you think you are a careful driver, increase your deductibles to lessen your contributions.

9. Ask about discounts – there are many ways on how you can get a discount. For example, if you did not have any tickets for the last five years then you can ask for discounts since its less likely that you’ll be in an accident. Students and those in advanced age could also ask for discounts.

10. Ask about the middle man – if you’re dealing with a sales representative of the insurance company, ask if they do get commissions. Commission based companies are more unstable compared to companies who have steady salesmen who earns a little commission on ever referral they make.