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Maid Assistance

Getting a maid service or assistance can be very expensive. But not everyone can just do away with this type of service. Maid service is essential for many homes especially for parents who do not have the time to clean-up their home because of their … Read the rest

Save Money on Apartment Rent

Renting an apartment is a popular option for those who wanted to live in an area without incurring long term financial responsibility. Even though recession has decreased the mortgage rates, renting is still seen as a better option especially for young professionals who do not … Read the rest

How to Save Water at Home

Water is a very special form of liquid for living organisms, including us humans. Without water, life will never be possible in the first place. A man could live without food for five days but a man cannot live without water for three days only.… Read the rest

10 Tips to Save Money on Home Tools

Home tools are seeing a rise in demand today because many individuals are finding it difficult to hire professional help. Because of recession, the price of professional assistance for various tasks at home could be very pricey. Doing things without professional help can mean savings … Read the rest

Money Making Ideas for Your Home

Owning a home today on mortgage is in a rather gloomy situation because of the sub-prime mortgage problem. Although it’s not thoroughly discussed on different media outlets, trouble with the housing industry still exists and might continue for a very long time. You may have … Read the rest

Save Money on Electricity

Electricity constitutes more than 50% of our monthly bills. That is why it is very important for us to save electricity as much as we can. Here is some electricity saving tips that you could implement in your home immediately. Although it might not be … Read the rest

10 Doable Tips for to Save in Different Bills

Our monthly bills are the bane in our lives. If we don’t have any bills to pay every month, we could have paid our mortgage fast, buy the things that we want and go on vacation at least twice a year. But the reality is … Read the rest

Money Saving – Making Gifts for People

When it’s your kid’s birthday, do you go with their wishes? Most of us say yes because of course, we do love our kids and we want them to be happy most of the time. We take the kids to the nearest mall and buy … Read the rest

How Clutter can Cost or Save You Money

A clutter, when goes unchecked, will most definitely lead to more clutter. Before you know it, your house is just full of untidiness that organizing the place to be neat and cleaning it again is a very challenging task. It’s a very unfriendly sight, more … Read the rest

Money Saving Ideas when Moving

Moving is often a very tiring and stressful activity for all members of the family. For parents or those who are in charge with the budget, moving could mean hundreds of dollars of additional spending. Moving from one place to another could easily get expensive … Read the rest

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