Solar panel is one of the biggest "fads" of today. People are scrambling to add these panels in their homes not just because they want to make a statement about the environment. They also wanted to save on energy bills. Some state governments are even pushing for this innovation that they provide tax relief for those who opted to use this type of energy source.

But careful consideration has to be done in order to effectively install and use solar panels. Here are some things that should be avoided by everyone when trying to install this type of energy source:

1. Purchasing without a budget - Never visit a hardware shop and electronic store with a credit card, in mind thinking that you can deal with the amount. Always set a budget to avoid overspending. Don’t worry: there are solar energy systems that will cost you no more than $200.

2. Funding a solar energy system with no plan - Never ask for any solar installation without known how to use the energy source. While you have a standby power source, it’s an expensive energy source if you don’t use them.

3. Starting a solar panel without prior home inspection - While you don’t need any extensive papers before installation, you should at least have a home inspection. This will determine where you need to install the solar panel and how it could be properly wired to support your home. You could do it yourself or ask professional assistance for another opinion.

4. Focusing too much on solar panels - The solar panel is not the only component for the solar energy system. Make sure that you also spend a bit on good components to have an efficient energy source from the sun.

5. Opting for mediocre battery - There is always a temptation to start with a relatively good battery. Don’t hold your pocket in this part since your battery will suggest how much it can charge and discharge at the same time. An average battery will never last long if you’re opting for heavy usage of solar energy.

6. Opting out for professional assistance - There are many websites that provides basic information on how to purchase, assemble and install solar energy systems. This is only recommended for basic solar energy systems. If you want to use the power of the sun for more gadgets, it’s always good to look for professional assistance.

7. No research on solar energy system – It is never a good idea to seek solar energy without knowing anything about it. Electricity is a good friend but a very dangerous enemy. A good way to be friendly with the power and effectively use it is to research on solar energy and basic electronics.

8. Not comparing prices of equipments - Always shop around before you purchase your electronic equipments. There are some places that specialize in solar energy systems that they might offer free installation long with the purchase.

9. Relying on solar energy - Unfortunately, there are only a few places in the country that can be fully supported by solar energy. Understand what it can do and avoid frustration by adjusting your lifestyle and not totally changing your system just because you already have a solar energy system.

10. No knowledge in troubleshooting - Relative to basic research on solar energy. It’s also important to learn more on troubleshooting the system. Always do your research and ask the installer on how you can double check the system to make sure it’s working and what to do in case something goes wrong. This will help you save extra dollars on repairs and basic troubleshooting.