Losing weight through various programs is highly recommended for many people for health reasons. A fit body is a lot better compared to an overweight body in terms of preventing complications and susceptibility to various diseases. A faithful exercise program and a good diet should help you lose weight.

But there are common mistakes that any weight watcher should do. Unfortunately, these mistakes can cause drastic effects to the body when they are continuously practiced.

Avoid the problems in losing weight by NOT doing these weight loss practices:

1. Going with the latest diet fad - Do not just follow your friend’s advice that Atkins and South Beach Diet will work wonders on your body. Research on the perfect diet plan for you. Fad diets are not only costly but mostly ineffective because they are not fully tested yet for your lifestyle.

2. Weight loss through starvation - No food = no weight gain. Simple right? Unfortunately, our body is not built that way. Losing weight through starvation increases your chances of going into relapse which will force you to eat more. Instead of losing weight, you end up with a serious case of ulcer and more weight gained.

3. Too much exercise - Proper technique in weight loss is very important. Excessive exercise will never amount to anything except frustration, fractures and possible weight gain. Too much exercise can increase the secretion of cortisol which is an enzyme that can increase the urge to eat more.

4. No weight loss tracking - Do not just look at the mirror every morning to see if there are no changes in your body. There a big chance that you will not see them since they are slowly affecting your body. Buy or borrow a weighing scale to actively monitor your progress.

5. Improper eating technique - Aside from knowing what to eat, you also have to know how to eat. Do not gobble your food in one gulp as that will leave you asking for more. Eat slowly and chew your food well to taste the flavor and enjoy what you eat.

6. Not knowing the difference when hungry or thirsty - There are those who, unfortunately, is unable to tell the difference between hunger and thirst. When you are thirsty, never resort to eating as a glass of water can quench your thirst without causing you to gain weight.

7. Skipping meals - It is a myth that you skip some meals in order to lose weight. In fact, it is a lot better to eat three meals a day without snacks rather than resorting to snacks while skipping meals. A healthy, consistent food can help your body shed excess fats and calories faster.

8. Resorting to supplements - There are those who avoid exercises and eat what they love thinking that their supplements will help them lose weight. Some of these weight loss supplements do not help you lose weight at all and could have fatal side effects.

9. Giving up on the weight loss program - Losing weight could take months or years just to have noticeable changes in your body. Giving up after a few months will make it even more difficult the next time since your body will require more dedication and exercise just to lose weight.

10. No treats - Constant dieting can be quite stressful and frankly, the frustration comes from the fact that you cannot eat the food you usually like. Avoid the stress of missing the food you love to eat by indulging in your favorite food at least once a week. Just be sure to compensate it with exercise and diet.