People exercise to lose weight, maintain their figure or simply have a healthier body. It is a set of strenuous activities wherein your muscles are slowly strained but trained to become stronger. You burn calories which will help you lose fat and develop more muscles that can also help in burning fats in your body.

But too many people give up exercise as soon as they have started in this activity. Some even end up in a worse situation after they are done with the exercise program.

To avoid this problem that might cause health concerns and ineffective program, here are the common mistakes to avoid for exercise:

1. Too many exercises on the first day - The body needs slow introduction on exercise especially to those who have not gone through an exercise program for years. Crashing the body on the first day can only have negative results that will only discourage in continuing the program.

2. Staying in a safe routine - Staying in one routine is often a good idea if a person wants to maintain their body structure. But for weight loss exercises, new sets that slowly gets challenging is recommended to put a slow strain in the body that can aid in burning calories

3. Using weight loss pills - There are hundreds of weight loss pills in the market that claims to aid in weight loss program. But many of these weight loss programs do not provide results and can even cause dangerous (even fatal) side effects.

4. Using any exercise routine - If a person has a targeted body part (develop abs, improve muscles, etc.), any exercise will not automatically provide the targeted development. Along with a complete body exercise, focus on some exercises is highly recommended. Focusing on one body part will never yield considerable results and can even weaken the human body.

5. Immediately moving to another exercise regime - The exercise program can be considered a form of sport. This means proper preparation has to be done so that they can be done well. Stretching is very important to prevent muscle strain. A strained muscle can only interrupt the exercise program.

6. Immediately moving out of the exercise program - After a straining exercise, it is important to have light exercises to tone down the body. Immediately stopping can cause muscle related problems. Muscle development is also slower when the body does not tone down after a very strenuous exercise.

7. Quantity over quality - Many just push themselves to do more rather than concentrating on what is really effective. A good quality workout is very important even though they are just shorter compared to those who push themselves to too many exercise programs that do not have any effect.

8. Focusing on one exercise regime - Thinking that sit-ups can immediately develop abs is a very common mistake. Muscle development is not just based on focusing in one area but on careful development of the entire body along with the targeted area.

9. No goals - An exercise program to "lose a few pounds" is not a good goal. It is highly recommended to have a specific goal so that proper exercise program will be created. Even a food program can be formulated if the exact target or goal is created.

10. Inconsistent exercise program - The only worst thing than stopping the exercise program is inconsistent exercise program. The body should be fed continuously with exercises or else the body will need a stronger program just to lose weight. It is easier to lose weight through consistent and light exercises rather than inconsistent and increasingly dangerous exercise programs for the body.