How to Save Gasoline?

What would you do if the price of gasoline has doubled? Surely you would be forced to save gasoline. This scenario has already become a reality. Consequently, the need to save gasoline is already the most proper thing to do.

Saving gasoline is an individual effort which when widely practiced would produce positive result not only for the individual but for the whole of humanity. Gasoline is essential to progress. Its importance shows on how it affects economy.

When the era of cheap gasoline ended in the early 70’s the campaign for saving gasoline started. Oil companies made all efforts to inform the public on how to save gasoline. The move towards finding substitutes for gasoline also started. The urgency of saving gasoline was more urgent on nations totally dependent on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

The most recommended method in order to save gasoline is the promotion of transportation which does not use gasoline such as walking, biking and the use of wind energy. The use of public utility vehicles and traveling in groups were also greatly encouraged. Some countries have already passed laws to prohibit racing and the use of machines which consume a lot gasoline. These measures have already produced positive results.

Government action during an energy crisis is vital in the efforts to save energy. Directives from the government is much needed because government could impose measures to control hoarding, price manipulation and other actions by individuals or groups who take advantage of the situation for personal gain. Government could even implement rationing or other energy saving methods in order to lessen the difficulty experienced by their people during such a crisis situation.

Aside from being a watchdog in the implementation of energy saving measures, the government could take steps in order to lessen the nation’s dependence on crude oil. The energy department of government should promote or even make it an obligation the use of biofuel such as ethanol, biodiesel. This move would result in great savings and the price of gasoline would go down because of lesser demand. The government may even provide incentives or give subsidy in the effort to lessen dependence on gasoline.

There are now several inventions related to the effort to save gasoline. Additives, modified carburetors, engines using used oil or Liquefied Petroleum Gas or natural gas are some of the breakthroughs of our time. Cheap gasoline price does not encourage saving this precious commodity. However, because we have already experienced the hardship of an energy crisis during the 70’s, we have learned our lesson well.

Energy saving efforts has presently gained support from so many sectors of society. Three types of energy saving practices have already been done these recent years – curtailment, overhaul and more efficient use of gasoline. By curtailment some activities are cut. Some offices reduce their work hours or practice the Daylight Saving Time schedule. Overhaul or minimizing the use of gasoline intensive devices is also being done in many factories, offices and institutions.

The most widely practiced gasoline saving method is the use of energy efficient vehicles and engines. The best example of this is perhaps the manufacture of cars motorcycles and engines which consume less gasoline but are as efficient as those which consume more gasoline. Today companies that manufacture cars and engines are already concerned about the rising prices and shortage of gasoline.

Gasoline shortage is a problem. However, because we have seen several solutions to it, the difficulty it causes may could be lessened or even eliminated. We have to save gasoline in order that there would be no shortage. Or at least, it would not be a big problem