Premium gasoline is a rich man’s fuel. With the rising cost of gasoline, premium gasoline could cost at least 30 cents more per gallon than regular gasoline. That means extra savings per visit to the gas station.

You will probably save hundreds of dollars every month just because you did not go premium this time. Your car maybe screaming for premium gasoline but for the sake of saving money, you opted to go cheap which probably affects the performance of your car.

However, some stick to premium gasoline. This is almost understandable since premium gasoline could keep their car in optimum shape and would increase the performance of their car.

Reason for Staying with Premium

There are those who believe that premium gasoline could actually save you money. Premium gasoline have high octane which means this type of gasoline could fire up real fast and maintain the car’s performance. Since the car is always in great shape, it will require less energy. The car’s engine can work perfectly because the high octane gasoline (also known as premium) is used in the car. Eventually, your car will require less gasoline making you save some money on gas.

Why the Apprehension with Regular Unleaded

The main reason why premium is often preferred to regular unleaded is the low octane content. Before the regular unleaded could be converted into energy, it still requires a lot of outside power. Since it requires external power, consumption would also increase. If your car requires high octane gasoline, you might be apprehensive in using regular unleaded since it may destroy your engine and it could not be as efficient compared to premium.

Aside from lesser efficiency, the car’s engine could be working double time which means an increase of the possibility of engine trouble. Repairs would cost the consumer. Low octane might cost less but it will jeopardize the engine and could be less efficient.

Debunking the Myth

These reasons are not good enough to make you stay away from unleaded regular. Your car engine maybe in tip-top shape with the use of premium gasoline and fuel efficiency is at its best, but the difference in the long is barely noticeable.

Low octane fuel still works perfectly in high octane required cars and any engine trouble because of lesser efficiency is a problem with cars decades ago but it has been addressed a long time ago. Ask any car maker if it is possible for any luxury car to run in regular unleaded, you will get a resounding yes.

The key to debunking the myth of premium only cars is the presence of electronic systems in most cars. The system is called electronic knock sensors where it monitors the octane content of the gasoline.

Depending on the octane level of your gasoline, the knock sensor will automatically adjust the spark plug which will ignite the gasoline. The spark plug is only used once and an increase of its power is never a factor for the significant reduction of your car battery.

The best thing about it is that you can start using regular unleaded as soon as possible. The next time you visit a gas station you can fill up your car with regular unleaded. Do not be concerned regarding your car’s performance since there will be no significant effect whether or not you use premium grade gasoline.

After all, high octane could only be useful if you want to have a really fast car. If you are living in a major city, a fast car is not really required. All you need is a simple car with low octane gasoline requirement to get to places you want.