Rising gas prices and challenges in finances brought by the difficult economy have forced people to reconsider their current car and trading them in for a more fuel efficient car. By trading them in for a fuel efficient car, they are hoping to increase the mileage per gallon of their car which means they don’t have to spend more money in fuel.

Car manufacturers and distributors are offering trade in which is very attractive to most car owners. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a brand new car, they just trade their old car and spend little to nothing for a brand new car.

Although this idea is very attractive at first glance, it might be too costly and very bad idea to trade in your car. The following are the reasons that will make you reconsider in trading in your old car:

1. Car is Too Small - Although you will be able to save a good amount of money in fuel, you are trading that savings with convenience especially in the storage capacity. Fuel efficient cars are usually smaller since companies have to make them as small as possible so that it could maintain and even improve its fuel efficiency. If you are a family of five, you might have a hard time squeezing into popular fuel efficient cars since most of them have the maximum capacity of four people including the driver.

2. Your Old Car is Too Old - Another reason why you should think twice of trading your car is that your car maybe too old to be traded. Car distributors will still accept old cars (old means purchased more than two year ago) but the price of that old car may not be enough to pay a good percentage for your new car. Although you could still avail of the car loan, you are practically paying for something new. It might have been a better idea of getting a new car since you are paying too much just to trade.

3. Too Early - Although fuel efficient cars are gaining in popularity, its technology is far from being complete. Since its a new technology, the possibility of breaking down is great and maintenance could be very expensive. There are only a few mechanics in your area how knows how to deal with this new type of engine. Simple maintenance check alone will force you to spend hundreds of dollars. You could try to do it yourself but you may be doing more damage than good to your fuel efficient car.

4. Not Enough Savings - Trading in your new car should give you savings of a few dollars a month. But you are actually spending thousands of dollars in trading the car and maintenance. It will take years before you can actually post savings and reach the break-even period for your fuel efficient car. By the time you reach the break even period, your fuel efficient car maybe outmoded and will not be as fuel efficient or worst, it will not work anymore.

Alternative to Fuel Efficient Car

Since a fuel efficient car may not be for you, what can you do? Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a brand new car, spend a few hundred dollars in car maintenance and engine check-up. Make sure that your engine is in top condition so that your car should be working without any problem and will not require extra fuel to make them run efficiently.

A brand new, fuel efficient car will be arriving in a few years and they will not be very expensive anymore. For now, just make sure that your car is well maintained to make it run without having to require additional fuel which will decrease your monthly spending.