Last time I checked, gasoline is at $4.00 a gallon and that figure could become history as the prices of crude oil in the world market continue to rise. In less than five years, gasoline prices could even increase to more than 25% – and that’s already a generous estimate. Unfortunately, transportation is a necessity for us and our only choice is to pay for the gas even though how expensive they are.

But we can’t just sit down and do nothing about it. Although we can’t reduce the prices of gas, there are things that we could do to reduce our actual use of fuel.

1. Engine tune-up – instead of whining about the exorbitant gas prices, check your engine if they are optimized before you drive. Regular tune-up is the most basic trick in saving fuel. One thing you should really check: spark plugs. A hardly working spark plug will get the best out of your car fuel.

2. Check body of your vehicle – any misalignment will cause additional fuel to get your car running. Chassis, wheels, shocks and other parts of your vehicle should be aligned so that less fuel will be required to get your car running. Misaligned vehicle means more power which in turn requires more fuel.

3. Quality of Oil – it is never enough to get your oil changed from time to time. Check the quality of your oil and make sure it has been approved to conserve energy. It maybe surprises for you but there are oils that have been optimized to do that – and they are not that expensive compared to regular oils.

4. Never fill it up to the brim – a full tank is not really a smart idea today. Fuel could drip out of your gas tank because it cannot move freely. Instead of saving money since your buying gas at the cheapest price for the longest time possible, you’ll just spill that precious fuel.

5. Don’t use premium fuel – it’s not only pricey, it will never do anything that is significant to your car. Instead of premium fuel, go for gas that has the lowest octane possible. Each car has its own grade so you should check first before filling it up with the lowest octane possible.

6. Use credit card discounts – your credit card is not your enemy this time. Use your credit card if the gas station offer discounts for those who use a specific type of credit card. If you have that type of credit card, never hesitate in using them to get the lowest price possible.

7. Avoid traffic – driving smoothly on the road will not only get you fast but also use less fuel as much as possible. Use your car at the time of the day where there is less traffic so that you’ll be smooth sailing on the road. If you’re stuck in traffic you’ll just use your car’s fuel for nothing.

8. Know where you want to go – don’t just go out because you want to buy something. Know where you want to buy, what brand and what route that you want to use. Your GPS could save you tons of money as it will suggest the best route possible.

9. Combine your trips – when you go out, don’t just pick up your kids. Go shopping; pay your bills and everything that you have to do. Going back and forth from your home to different places will cost you considerable amount of fuel.

10. Use other types of vehicles – instead of cars, consider using a scooter instead. A bicycle would even save you tons of money in fuel. Not only you’ll be saving money, you’re getting the exercise that you need.