Lunches at school or at work are just small expenses that might be ignored. But if you’re keen on your spending habit, you will notice that lunch breaks are actually costly in the long run. The small spending you do everyday could actually be saved so that you can purchase something you need.

The following are the tips that could help enjoy small savings during lunchtime. Your kids and your lunch break at work could still have an enjoyable lunch without having to bust your budget:

1. Prepare the lunch – the first step in saving lunch for you and your kids is to control how much you spend and that could be done by preparing your lunch. This can help you control your spending since you know the exact ingredients that you could be using in your food. You could even prepare a healthy lunch while saving a few dollars.

2. Knowing if you qualify for free food – visit your kid’s school and ask your administrator if your kid will qualify for discounts or completely free food. This will only require some tax records and some forms to be filled out. Completing the form will usually qualify you for reduced spending if not a completely free lunch.

3. Prepare drinks – a bottle of soda may look like a very affordable alternative but if you calculate your monthly spending, you could actually save more by preparing drinks for your kids. Purchase thermos for your kids so that you can prepare for them cold drinks that could be an alterative to sodas.

4. Small snacks do help – the only reason you eat too much at lunchtime is because you are very hungry. Prepare small snacks at your desk instead of getting yourself really hungry at work. Small snacks will reduce your cravings during lunchtime.

5. Shave off a dollar or two in spending – when you are currently spending $6 during lunchtime, you will be spending at least $30 dollars a week. However, if you reduce your spending to $4 a day, you will be saving no lass than $10. Practice discipline by slowly reducing your spending.

6. Practice food swap – if you have a good friend at work, it’s a great idea to swap affordable food during lunchtime. This is highly recommended if you tend to prepare the same type of food everyday. You’ll enjoy variety without having to spend additional funds for lunch.

7. Go for reusable boxes – last year’s lunch box is not so bad especially when they are well kept and cleaned after every use. Paper bags and zip locks may look like great storage options but they can be easily destroyed and you have to constantly purchase for replacements.

8. Look for basic recipes – a good way to make your food enjoyable is to focus on basic recipes with few add-ons. Adding small ingredients to regular meals will not only give you tasty meals, but also considerable saving. You don’t even have to buy a book since there are thousands of free recipes you can use for your lunches online.

9. Cook once and freeze – cook for three or four lunches on a Sunday and freeze them. You will save on fuel and you can enjoy a variety of flavors as you can use various ingredients in two or more meals.

10. Bring a sandwich – if you are on a diet, you do not need to go to the cafeteria for lunch. Prepare a sandwich so that you don’t have to purchase them in the cafeteria. Bottled water that you also bought from home should also help you save a few dollars a week.