Television, Internet and Cable Subscription are being marketed by different providers as a bundled service. They promise savings and convenience as consumers would only have to receive a single bill and since it’s bundled, it’s supposed to be cheaper.

The good news is these bundled services really do save consumers a good amount of money. The main providers of this type of service are the major ISPs (Cox, Verizons) and Digital Satellite providers. Major Cable companies have realized the beauty of this trick and they are also following suit.

However, the savings are still based on the fact that you are actually spending more than $100 in all of these services combined. If you are only in basic cable, you’re probably spending less than $100 so this service is not for you. Your basic cable will cost you less than $25.00, your internet connection will also be less than $25.00 and your phone bill will not be higher than $30. That brings you to a total bill of $80.00 – and that’s already the maximum bill that you have to pay every month.

On the other hand, bundled service usually cost $99.00 for basic cable, internet and telephone. That’s a little bit higher compared to what you already have. However, if you are in a more expensive cable subscription, you can save a lot in bundled service. Cable subscription is usually slashed in price to accommodate other services.

If you don’t have any services yet, you can save a lot of money by getting a bundled service. On the other hand, if you do have these services, better think twice first. You’ll usually hear these services from telemarketers and they will promise you a lot of services and savings.

Based on Consumer Reports, Verizon scored highest in customer satisfaction. Not only do they offer competitive pricing, they also have a good internet connection.

On the other hand, if you don’t have Verizon in your area and you only satellite for cable TV service, you can go for Direct TV. They also offer bundled services through satellite link. The downside of satellite subscription though is in their internet connection.  Your cable subscription will work great and your phone subscription will always be there. However, your internet connection will be compromised. If you don’t have any choice, then you should go for DirectTV or else you’re just spending money for a very slow internet connection.

Don’t let the prices fool you either. The great thing about bundled services is that companies allow their customers to haggle for the best price. Usually they offer their services at a good rate to hook you but six months later, you have to go with their original, unless you haggle. Before you six month “honeymoon stage” ends, get in touch with the provider and haggle for a better price. If you are paying them on time, you can be sure that they will let you stay in the same rate for at least six months to a year more.

Before you sign up for their services, you have to remember that their services on phones are limited. That means their phones don’t have 911 services because they are connecting your phone through your internet connection. Usually, you’ll be billed $20 a month so that you’ll have a regular phone. But since everyone has a mobile phone today, this is almost a non-issue.

If you want basic services in your home with ease, bundled service could be just right for you. However if you don’t need cable TV subscription this service may not be for you. The savings are only there for those who need cable TV service.